Creative travel coffee/ Americano Coffee and Traditional Dessert

Good day, I wish you all good health and happiness.


This time I will share black coffee which I drink quite often if I need to focus more on my work, this coffee itself is a type of Americano coffee, Americano coffee itself is almost the same as regular black coffee. However, this coffee is a combination of 2 espresso coffee slots and mixed with warm water, therefore Americano has a more liquid form than espresso coffee.

The location where the coffee is sold is still the same as the place where the sanger coffee was sold which I updated on my first contribution to creative travel coffee which is located in Krung Mane (North Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia). In this place, there are many types of coffee that are sold starting at standard prices and high prices according to the quality of the coffee served, of course.


Today's moment is when my younger brother just came home from outside the region, he immediately invited me to enjoy a cup of coffee, the tradition of drinking coffee in Aceh (Indonesia) I think is very well known, there is no day without drinking coffee so we have the title "Jep Kupi Bah Bek Pungoe ”(Discuss Aceh's“ area ”) which can be interpreted as (Drinking Coffee So You Don't Be Crazy).


The above mention is intended for our friends who do not want to join in drinking coffee together because they are lazy. Meanwhile, people who are tired of work will definitely come to enjoy coffee because basically coffee can make us who are tired return to focus on work.


To be honest, I'm not a bitter coffee connoisseur, I prefer sweet coffee with added sugar and cream. I know good coffee when enjoyed in its natural state without added sugar, sweetener or cream, but as I told you in my first contribution to this contest, everyone has their own way and taste in enjoying coffee.



Enjoying this coffee is also very good with a delicious desserts, this is a special dish for our region Aceh (Indonesia), we call it "Bulukat". This food itself is steamed glutinous rice and served with grated coconut mixed with caramel sugar.


I do not know clearly whether I can contribute with the same place and setting and different types of coffee, let Mrs. @olga.maslievich who gave the assessment and I remain focused on the original goal, which is to share the enjoyment of coffee with all of you.

The contest held by Mrs. @olga.maslievich. This is the second week, thank you for inviting me to participate in this second week contest. I hope that more and more people will take part in this contest so that we can share stories about the enjoyment of coffee in our respective regions.


Thank you @dimasputra for participating in the competition #saturdaymemories
You, like me, are a coffee lover :) I'm interested in exploring the food traditions in Indonesia! I dream of traveling there! Dessert Bulukat with grated coconut mixed with caramel sugar - it's interesting :)

Thank you Mrs. @olga.maslievich
I hope one day you can visit Aceh (Indonesia) and try different types of coffee and desserts here.
If I may ask, does this community have a chat room in discord?

No, no chat. The next contest will be announced on April 14, follow the news :)

Thank you Mrs. @olga.maslievich for the response.
I will wait for news about the next contest

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