Dynamic 2 Wednesday | My care products

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Hello everyone, today I will write my second dynamic article. Today I will introduce you the products I use.

First of all, we need to clean our skin. That's why I use the facial cleansing device and the facial cleansing gel together. This product I use makes the skin 10 times more clean. It gives a feeling of refreshment. It brightens the skin tone.


I chose the mask suitable for my skin type. I wanted to make a clay mask. benefits of clay mask;
It purifies the skin from dirt and oil.
It prevents the expansion of blackheads.
As it purifies the skin, it makes you have a brighter and softer skin.
Since it cleans the pores, it helps the products to be applied on it to be absorbed faster and deeper after cleaning.
After applying, it gives a sweet tension to the skin, albeit temporarily.
It feels more spacious and clean.

Dry skin should not use this mask. it dries out my skin..



I apply moisturizer suitable for my skin so that my skin does not dry out. This moisturizer is also very good for sun spots and acne spots. Do not forget that all skin care products should be used regularly.



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