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As always, I am the main housewife in the house, and today I prepared pizza for lunch, homemade pizza in my own way, it turned out great, but I have been making pizza for a long time, so this was the usual pizza. This pizza is very easy to make, it is delicious and most importantly homemade, you make everything yourself, and the taste is amazing.


let's start


Sugar1 small spoon
Salt1 small spoon


I take a bowl in which to prepare the dough. I pour warm water into that bowl, in which I crumble the yeast, and then I add sugar, stirring it all lightly. I add light flour to that mixture as much as I like, at the end I add oil and salt and I knead it all with my own hands and add more flour or water if needed. I knead the dough until I am satisfied, when I am satisfied I leave the dough to rise, during that time ...


During the time when the dough grows, I prepare side dishes that will go for a pizza, I always put these side dishes on the drink and it always turns out great, I think the pizza turns out nicely because I don't overdo it with side dishes.


I take a plate in which I grate cheese without which it is impossible and I think we are all used to eating pizza with cheese. Nothing can replace the cheese and its taste, especially that texture and how it stretches and melts in your mouth.


After grated cheese, it's time to prepare mushrooms that you can't live without, usually, people don't like them, but mushrooms don't really feel like it and pizzas give it something, they give it exactly what makes pizza, mushrooms absorb the smell of all ingredients and also make pizza juicier and tastier.


After such beautiful and delicious mushrooms, it's time for salami, in this part of the preparation of the side dish, everyone puts who likes what and in what form they like, I like pizza salami the most, I don't like it cut into circles, but I grate it like a snack combine that salami with the cheese and therefore no side dish will be expressed, everyone will be equal and everyone will feel. I don't know about you but I love you so much :D


After I have finished preparing the boring part, after I have grated everything and prepared what I will bake the pizza in, the dough is stretched. Yes, when the dough rises enough, I can't tell you how to know when it has risen enough, but I usually wait half an hour, you have to feel it. So when the dough rises, I grease the baking tray with oil and start to spread the dough, sometimes I don't spread it over the whole baking tray but make mini pizzas and they also turn out amazing, they look nicer than this "standard" pizza, but I don't care about the appearance but the quantity. I eat as well as possible by spreading the dough over the whole tray.



After I spread the dough over the whole tray, pouring what makes the drink juicy, which is tomato sauce, someone prefers to put ketchup because it has a stronger taste, but I put this because the dough absorbs this sauce and makes the pizza tastier and juicier.



When everything is ready, I start to get closer to the end, I start arranging the items in my order, the way it suits me and my family and the way we are used to and just the way we like it. I put the grated salami first because I don't like to feel only its taste, in my opinion, when the salami is on top it kills the pizza, the other side dishes are not felt, so I came up with a tactic to put the salami first and then everything else over it.


Then I put what will combine all the side dishes and what will give the pizza its taste and its uniqueness, and that is grated cheese, that side dish that must not be forgotten and that makes the pizza a pizza.


Overall this I put mushrooms that will release your juice over everything, and also to absorb the smell of other side dishes on the pizza. Mushrooms are, in my opinion, the most important side dish that will give the pizza something.


I pour all this nicely with oregano


It is ready for baking, I turn on the oven and put the pizza to bake. I can't wait for it to be ready, even though I know what it tastes like, it always pleasantly surprises me, ie I always pleasantly surprise myself with how well I prepared it :D


The pizza is ready, I don't know how long it bakes, I turn on the oven at 180 degrees and go around the pizza every 10 minutes until it gets this yellow color as in the picture, when it gets this color it is ready to enjoy. Pleasant !!!


With love, Sarah❤️


Muy bien tu paso a paso
ME gustó mucho el mento del queso rayado y los champiñones

Thanks for the comment

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