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Map of Africa

Dear Steemwomensclub community

I hereby present the following African women to you as those who have accepted to join us. We are strong together and as such we keep growing in number day in day out. The following persons recently joined us the African women in our WhatsApp group and willingly dropped their usernames to be included among the african women. I hereby present them to you

I warmly welcome you all to the community where women are strong together.


Dear african women, kindly check and read this post for proper guide on how to start and what kind of post you can share in this Community. this post contains all you need.

In addition, please, bear these points in mind

  • Do not tag any of the curators in your posts for any reason. They will check on you at their own time. This is in order not to distract them.
  • Plagiarized contents are highly prohibited here, if found wanting, shall be blocked from the community.
  • Try as much as possible to complete all your Achievement posts in the @newcommers Community to assist gain more knowledge about steemit.
  • @steemwomensclub Community will try as much as possible to support you if you keep making quality contents but note that our community voting value is not much as to give us all what we want. That is why I want to Advice that if you have accumulated steempower, you can make a delegation to the Community account to increase the voting value which will benefit all of us.
  • Try as much as possible to remain active in the community by making at least 2 posts each week. Participate in our contests and increase your chances of winning.
  • Join us the WhatsApp group that I have created. Ask questions about anything you are not sure of so long as it has to do with steemit and steemwomen community.
  • For any african women who is yet to join us, we have 3 whatsapp group pages for different purposes. Check below.

group for Regular chats

Group for dropping post links. This group is created to foster engagements among the african women. You are to drop all your post links that you made in the @steemwomensclub Community alone. But you must observe the rules guiding it.

  • Before you drop your own link, make sure that you have commented on at least 2 posts and on the group, you have to show evidence that you have really made the comment. Check the screenshot below to get what I mean

Group for dropping Usernames. Once you join us, you go and drop your username and country so we can Introduce you to the community.

We have greeters, we have taskforce and we have gogetters in the group. I already introduced them last week via this post. They are working hard to support all of us. Your cooperation is highly recommended.

I welcome you all once again


To help encourage the African women, we have set a day in which we have a general chats and discussions on issues bothering us. We help this past week's meeting on Tuesday, 20th July, 2021.

I had gave them the link to the frequently asked questions in steemit so that we can all read and understand. And we scheduled to share what we learned that day. Guess what? Most of us read them and came up with what they learned and shared them with all the other woman that either weren't around or could not read it. Below are some of the things they shared with us

I learnt so much but I summarised them below
The link connects to the frequently asked questions in steemit. This is basically all that one needs to know about the steem blockchain. It was very comprehesive and I learnt alot. I can't say all I learnt but here's a few points.
• Steemit is a social media built on a blockchain powered by the steem blockchain and steem Cryptocurrency. The users are rewarded for sharing their voices. These rewards come from the tinted tokens stored in the reward pool and is used to reward the users.
• A steemit account is created using phone number and email. Every user is given multiple keys with different functions. These keys are not to be revealed to a third party and should be stored safely. Leaking your keys to a third party may lead to losing your account and funds.
• One can earn digital tokems in Steemit by posting, curating, vesting and purchasing steem or steem dollars through their wallet using Cryptocurrencies. Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme. When starting out newly, one should focus on building networks and relationships and developing a good reputation.
• Account names cannot be changed nor deleted. They are permanently stored on the blockchain. One can upvote or downvote by clicking on either of the icons.
• Tags are used in content creating to categorize contents. It important to use appropriate tags and all tags are in lowercases. One can use up to eight tags.
One can post as often but eachost must be five minutes apart. Endeavor to make your post quality and not too long. One can post a maximum of 64,000 characters.
There are so many more to talk about but I'll be stopping here
Thank you ma for this opportunity to learn more about steemit.

It was eye opening ma. There where many things I didn't know before e.g
That u can use up to eight tags.
You can be downvoted for tagging wrongly.
That one can write up to 64,000 characters.
That Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme but if I focused on building relationships and reputation, it will pay over time.

I have been able to update my knowledge about steemit from it especially with account creation. In the past when I have a newbie I will send the person to a CR to get the person registered on the platform but now I have understood the steps in creating and account and it's good to know you can't have two accounts as upon verification you noticed so each user is entitled to a single account. And most importantly you must provide an email and a phone number too which without that you can't have an account on steemit. The others I'm familiar with.

These and many more were shared to us that night and we were very happy. At the end, I rewarded those who were present at the start of the meeting with 0.5 steem each. They are




The result has been an increased activity on the part of the African women as opposed to what was obtainable before then.

I keep doing my part as the African representative.

I am grateful to the founder, @svm038 who keeps supporting us too.


I want to advice that you all remain active no matter what. Aim at improving yourselves.

Try to always comment on other people's post

Try to upvote them as well

Participate in contests. Do the best you can

Always chat with us in our chat groups.

Grow your sp and make delegation to the community.

Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP 100SP 250SP 500 Sp1000SP2500SP

Thank you all.

Cc: @steemwomensclub
Cc: @svm038

Best regards from me
@ngoenyi, African representative.


This is my introductorypost here

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You represent us well and we are proud of all you do.welcome to all newcomers.

Weldone ma,keep it up good job

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Thank you ma for the great work you are doing.