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Good day all. How are you doing these days? Well, I want to share to you what we like to do with the family. Going out by group is exciting, some had fun with friends or colleagues but for us, we spent times eating outside or in any affordable restaurants with the whole family.


What we like to do together?

When we are a little child, our parents hardly afford to bring us in any restaurant because of the budgeted income they have. When we start schooling, we can eat in our favorite fastfood once every blue moon, if there's a fortune in my parents workplace. Until I, the eldest child graduated in college and have my first work. This is the time that I can afford to bring my whole family in a restaurant.


Every payday, my goal is to bring them in a restaurant or fast food chain we're not used to be in. I always have fun eating with them because I see new reactions ang gratefulness in their face everytime we eat outside. It is also good in my appetite when I eat together with them. Until now, I always tried my best to treat my family woth good foods we never tasted before and bring good memories every where we go.


They are not getting any younger. They wanted to try new foods and sometimes they can now choose their favorites. When in snacks, they want something cool like shakes and halo-halo. These are some of their request when asking something for their snacks.


But most of the time we eat by lunch or dinner. It may be in a fastfood restaurant, a buffet eat all you can or in grilling restaurant as long as I have blessings from work, I can bring my family in anywhere they want to eat.


Now that my other siblings have their work already, they sometimes bring the food at home or order food for take out since they are sometimes busy at work.

This is my entry to Steemit Engagement Contest 3, I am inviting @sweetmaui01 @georgie84 @sweetspicy.

Truly yours,

 5 months ago 

Keluarga memang tempat berbagi apapun apalagi kebahagiaan bersama.

 5 months ago 

Exactly 😊

 5 months ago 

Honestly, I was moved to read this post. May your sustenance be abundant dear. In my opinion, the best treatment is our treatment of the family. We often treat our friends, but rarely with our family. Your post opened my heart to love family more. Thanks for sharing your post on our latest contest. We really appreciate it!
I could feel the happiness from the smiles on their faces.

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 5 months ago 

Absolutely sis. We should cherish every moments with our family and loved ones.
Anyways, thanks for reviewing.

 5 months ago 

You are a good daughter. I know that God will bless you for being so kind especially to your parents. You are right, they are not getting younger so as long as they are still here, we will let them happy and give the things they havent experience.

 5 months ago 

We are on the same track mam 😊

 5 months ago 

Que bueno que ahora puedas invitar a tu familia a comer y degustar platos que no habían podido antes en los diferentes restaurantes, compartir esa felicidad con la familia es lo más bonito. Saludos!

 5 months ago 

Hello, nice to greet you. I love to go out with the whole family and share pleasant moments together, a delicious ice cream, and above all new foods to create anecdotes.

 5 months ago 

Absolutely my friend. No one stops us going out with gtiends, as long as we have equal time or more with our family.

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