#Club75 Diarygame: How I Spent My Wednesday 16th February 2022, Going To Work, And Making Beautiful Butterfly art For My Kids

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It's my delight to be with you all, I trust everyone is just great! Today I would love to share with you on How I spent My Wednesday 16th Feb 2022, it was a hectic but a day well spent!



I woke so early in the morning, I meant as early as 4:00am to prepare rice and stew for my family, you know I bought the ingredients for
the stew at the market the previous day and kept. I finished with cooking around 5:30am, then I awoke the rest of my family members to conduct our morning worship, we read the bible and then prayed thanking Almighty God for his and asked him for protection throughout the day.

After the worship I decided to exercise, it been a while I've done this due to some reasons but I'm back with full force, I so much love exercising because I normally feel good after exercising, I did 200jumping jacks, 200 high knees jump, and 200squats I was sweating like water.

Sweaty face after exercising

My dear hubby was helping out with the kids, he actually bathed, feed and dropped them in school. I spent just 20 minutes to exercise, but with high intensity, after exercising I took my bathed eat my breakfast and left for work.

My breakfast


School was fun I thought the kids mathematics security education and computer. During the morning period I took them on Mathematics; addition of three 4digit numbers, it was actually the correction of the previous day class work, so I asked the pupils to work it out themselves, so that they will not forget.

By 10am I took them on security education, precisely on element of security education which is the qualities that the pupils should possess in order to live in safety!



Lastly I taught the kids computer, then I allowed them to copy the day's notes, while I was marking their previous day note. School was over by 1:00pm so I came back home right away, but I bought cardboard on my way home, so that I will used it to make craft work with my kids. Upon reaching my house I first of all showered because the weather was so hot 🔥, Then I dressed up and went to carry my kids in school.

When we reached home I bathed, and gave them their snacks and juice to take, then we began our craft work. They were happy when they saw card board, they asked me if that was their project 😂 I told them that I want to make butterfly 🦋 for them, and they were happy 😁!


Wednesdays evening is always our midweek Christian meeting, so I attended the meeting via zoom by 4:30pm, the meeting lasted for just 1:45 minutes, but it was so refreshing, I learnt that soon every one will live in peace and unity no matter his/her race, that God Loves and cherish us as long as we lived by his truth.

After the meeting I took my dinner then login to Steemit account, I made my art post with my kids in Steemkidss community, and I read and commented on people's post there because it was my working day, I worked till 10:30pm when I slept off because I was extremely tired. This was how I spent my day, thanks for going through! I appreciate you all.





You actually had a great day full with activities, thank you for sharing.

 2 years ago 

Thank you,I appreciate you nice comment

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 2 years ago 

Thank you so much @ngoenyi ma'am I appreciate the support

 2 years ago 

You are truly gifted... anointed ✋.
That rice is calling my name...I can her it loud and clear!😘. I love those beautiful butterflies. Well done.

 2 years ago 

LoL 😂 please don't hesitate to answer the Rice call. I really appreciate your nice commendations and your effort to read through! Thanks dear

 2 years ago 

You are welcome.

 2 years ago 

@goodybest, your diary is well detailed. That exercise, I do it everyday but recently stopped because I was on drugs. I love the jumping jacks a lot.

How do you cope with the kids and their plenty complaint??. Those butterfly craft you made for your kids looks beautiful.

Thank you for sharing with us....

 2 years ago 

Hello dear @ninapenda it's good to know that you liked jumping jacks too, you see my kids they're are hyperactive, I used to drink paracetamol daily, thanks for your nice comment, I really appreciate 💕

 2 years ago 

But I love hyperactive kids. They keep the house warm.....

 2 years ago 

Hahaha 🤣😂 get ready to shout, and to settle a lot of fights and complaints

 2 years ago 

Nice diary @goodybest. It's been a long time I read from you. I'm glad to read your enriched diary.

My dear exercises are good oohh especially for your health. Never stop doing it.

My dear it's the breakfast for me!! I feel like eating it from here. D
It looks so appetizing

You and the kids are really doing well. Just look at the beautiful butterflies you made. Kudos.

Thanks for sharing your day with us

 2 years ago 

Wow you kind comment just made me speechless, thank you for the encouragement I really appreciate 💕 and yes you will see more of me now!

 2 years ago (edited)

Wow, this is beautiful,although not easy to work and take care of kids at the same time. Well done, more joint to your elbow, thanks for sharing with us.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for the good wishes dear, truly it's not easy, it takes God's Grace; thanks for coming around I really appreciate 💕

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