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It is a common notion that couples who spend more time or do activities together have a more durable relationship.

I believe that excess of everything is bad. Doing things together makes a couple closer and forms a kinship. However, an individual sometimes needs space of his/her own. It is important to let your partner breathe and not suffocate with your presence round the clock.

According to my personal experience, I feel more gratitude towards my husband after spending some time apart. That doesn't mean, I don't enjoy spending time with him. It means that in his absence, I realize and feel his true importance in my life.

Before I drift away further from the topic, I must confess that I am lucky to have a partner with whom I share many interests. We have a lot of common hobbies and activities that we enjoy doing together. We picked some hobbies from each other but mostly we had similar hobbies even before we got married.

I will share a few of our favorite activities and hobbies here...



We both had this hobby since our childhood. During the initial days of the relationship, the excitement was mutual when we learned that we both are readers and most importantly enjoy the same genres.


I remember the first gift, I received from my husband (then fiance) was a hardcover edition of the newly released "Inferno" by Dan Brown. It was the most thoughtful and romantic gift I ever got.

We both are Potterheads and last winter we read together all seven books again. It was so much more fun reading together with him. Discussing characters and the story all over again. At that time my second-born was just 3 months old.

With kids, it's quite challenging to continue such hobbies but we still manage it.


There was a time, we were movie and season fanatics. We watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones, and The Big Bang Theory like crazies.

Now kids don't spare the TV or give us privacy to watch something. We are quite strict about the content our kids watch.


A few days ago, we got lucky and got the TV to ourselves. We watched an old movie, Serendipity which was quite a good watch. I mostly love watching light rom-com movies with him.


We both are fond of beautiful architecture, historical places, and nature. This is the reason, we don't let go of any opportunity to visit new places.

Travertine Pamukkale, Turkey

We try to do different activities on our travel trips like archery, shooting or water sports.

Learning how to hold the bow and arrow, Murree, Pakistan

I have a water phobia but still, I tried doing snorkeling with him once on Churna Island in the Indian Ocean. It's not my favorite activity and the memory still haunts me but I tried it just because my husband loves it.

Cooking and Dining Out

Cooking is one activity that we do together most frequently. The reason being my husband is a great chef. He didn't know how to cook when we got married but over the years, he has developed some great culinary skills.

When he's home, he does the most of cooking and we also try to cook together.


Feast prepared by us

We are great cooking partners in the kitchen. I hate chopping and he's a pro. The way he uses the knife to cut stuff is very professional.

I like to be on the battlefield ( near the stove) doing the actual cooking and he likes to do the prep part.

Therefore, cooking becomes more fun with him in the kitchen.

We also love to try different cuisines and often try to replicate our favorite dishes at home.


We also play Chess, Scrabble or CrossWords sometimes. We end up fighting because he always wins especially in Chess. 😂

That's all I can think of today. I'm not used to sharing this sort of content, I somehow managed it today. XD

I invite @whyshy, @nadiaturrina, and @suboohi to take part in this challenge.

Thank you.


I didn't know you came to Pamukkale.

It was a pleasant article. Good luck in the competition. I will try to participate in the competition as soon as possible.

Greetings my friend @event-horizon you are very close to your partner, and that is very lovely that make your relationship stronger every day its beautyful when you have a husband that walk with you un every step you make

It's truly a blessing to have a like-minded partner. He's been very supportive and friendly all these years . Thank you for visiting my post.

 2 months ago 

Thanks for inviting me, dear. I have taken a part of this contest. We have the same reading tastes. By the way, I've never tried archery. Seeing you holding an arrow made me interested in trying it.

Archery is so much fun and very easy to learn. Within few minutes you can get the hang of it under proper guidance and aims get right with practice.

 2 months ago 

Amiga esa comida que prepararon luce realmente deliciosa! Que rico tener un chef en casa solo para ti 😍

Sin duda cuando llegan los hijos muchas cosas cambian en la pareja me imagino aún no me ha tocado vivir esa etapa! Pero los felicito por igual sacar tiempo para hacer sus cosas de pareja 😊

Me gustó mucho leer tu post, mucho éxito en el concurso!✨

Haha, indeed it's great to have a chef at home.

When kids come into the picture, things take a sharp turn and this change is not good for weak people.

It's upon the couple how they handle the new responsibilities. They lose themselves in the sea of new responsibilities or learn to take out time for themselves. 🙂

I wish you a great swim in that sea, whenever you encounter it.😀

 2 months ago 

I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading your post. I still remember the day when you had to leave for turkey the next day and how excited and nervous you were.

Bhai and you make a perfect couple MashaALLAH and the way you both support and enjoy these activities together is beyond adorable. MashaALLAH ❤️

I still remember the day when you had to leave for turkey the next day and how excited and nervous you were.

Hahah, I almost forgot about it. I bugged you so much that day. I was so scared to go into a foreign land with 2yr old Muhammad. I can't think of doing anything like that now with 2 kids.🤣

Thank you so much for your kind words. ❤️

 2 months ago 

Your post is always unique. Eagerly wait for your post. Masha Allah Masha Allah perfect couple ♥️.I enjoyed a lot during reading your post. Definately you also enjoyed that moments . Glad to see in your post that you spend more times with one another. Married life has its own beauty and charm. Masha Allah , you are enjoying your married life . By reading your post , I realized that there is strong understanding in your relation. You are so pure in your relations. Stay blessed. Good luck mam 💕

Thank you so much for your kind words dear. I could have written a lot more on the topic but I'm not so comfortable sharing my personal life publicly. But this contest seemed made me do it.

Thanks for paying the visit. Looking forward to your participation.

 2 months ago 

I have first time seen your family productive activities. You are really talented and adventurer like family. I love your participation. Good luck for winning contest ☺️ 👍

Son un hermoso matrimonio, y como apasionado de la lectura diria que un libro es un maravilloso regalo, que hermoso que compartan la misma pasion.

Espero que cada vez puedan permanecer cada vez mas unidos.

You are right, there's nothing more treasurable than a book for a reader. Thank you so much for your kind wishes. Looking forward to your participation.

 2 months ago 

I believe that excess of everything is bad. Doing things together makes a couple closer and forms a kinship. However, an individual sometimes needs space of his/her own. It is important to let your partner breathe and not suffocate with your presence round the clock.

I agree with your thought because if didn't give space to each other either in any relationship, you will lost your worth slowly slowly. It's important to take a break and realize importance of one another. I have first time seen your husband Masha Allah you both are made for each other. Best of luck for contest and blessings for your happy married life.

 2 months ago 

Firstly I want to say MASHA ALLAH. ALLAH bless you and your family. Your couple is really nice couple MASHA ALLAH. Well glad to see that you are enjoying your moment with your husband and with your family. I really enjoying to read out your post. Your post is always awesome. But today it's really interesting. Best of luck for contest

 2 months ago 

MashaaAllah you both looking amazing together. May Allah pak bless you both. And yess I found your post very interesting doing thing like thins together make you day or sometime make your whole.

Stay together

Best of luck (:

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 2 months ago 

I found many things common.Many things are similer to me and my partner.
Many u both live a long ,healthy and happy life.
Best of luck

 2 months ago 

these are great activities! my husband and I loves to travel and cook too!

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