Steem Women Club Contest #11 MAKE UP PARTY & SKIN CARE! | BEAUTIFUL TIME| BIG AWARDS! By @el-dee-are-es

Hello to all amazing women in SteemWomensClub.

It’s been a while since my last interaction with you. I got sick this past few days and my body called for a break.

Now that I feel better and gradually getting back to my routine, I can join the contest. I found out that @steemwomensclub announced that this week’s subject is about makeup and skincare.

Before proceeding, I just want to thank @steemwomensclub for initiating this party. I thought that only celebrities and famous people can share their beauty secrets. With this, while making this content, I feel confident and beautiful like them.

Right now, all I can share is about my skin care routine because I decluttered my makeup kit recently and haven’t bought replacements yet.

I always tie my hair whenever I do my skincare

Cleaning my face nowadays or during this stay at home period is easier than before because I rarely put makeup on. Here, I just attended a virtual activity and I’m just wearing my three basics— powder, lipstick, & eyebrow pencil. I’ll be hitting the hay soon. So, before going on, I need to clear these paints on my face by using the following.


SAFEGUARD SOAP - yes! I’m using a soap for my face. Honestly, one reason why I’m very hesitant to make this post is that I was ashamed to share it. I know that we shouldn’t use soap especially on this part of our body because it’s harsh for our skin. But what can I do? I don’t want fake it and show other products that I don’t use. This what works for me, my skin. In fact, I have tried many cleansers. What did I get? Stubborn pimples. Acne had taken my life for five years, one of my darkest moments. Now, I seldom suffer from breakouts.



I like to wet my face first. Just like the other cleansers, I lather it,massage, then rinse. Sometimes, I double cleanse my face especially when removing heavy makeups. I use it twice a day, morning and evening.


It says in the packaging that...


I personally believe in that.


ST. IVES SCRUB - I use this mainly for my face, but I also use this for my whole body when not lazy and have enough time. It is to exfoliate dead skin. Any variant of this product works for me as long as the exfoliation factor is Moderate.




I just follow the directions. I dispense it onto my fingertips ( middle and ring finger for a lighter pressure) and massage onto my skin in small circular motion. I spend 15 seconds in each area. I’m taking time to pamper myself every time I do this step. When I’m done, I rinse well. The packaging recommends to use it 3-4x a week. But because I have sensitive skin, I just use it after 2-3 days or whenever my skin feels dull or rough.


Every time I use this product, I observe and feel that my skin becomes brighter, radiant, and smooth. Exfoliating has always been my favorite skincare step.


Drying Time


ESKINOL PIMPLE FIGHTING FACIAL DEEP CLEANSER - I specifically use this product to fight or prevent pimples and blemishes. But I only apply this at night, after washing and didn’t do exfoliation.



I just moisten a piece of cotton or pad and apply it on my face and neck and let it dry thoroughly so that it doesn’t feel sticky.


I do believe that this removes deep seated dirt, excess oil, and makeup because it has antibacterial formula. I also notice that it dries up pimples faster because it contains Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Extracts.


MEGAN PEEL- OFF MASK WITH CHARCOAL EXTRACT - Whenever I feel like my pores accumulated so much dirt and blackheads and needs detox or deep cleansing, I make time to apply this product. I only do this at night, once a week, and on days without using other products after washing.


WARNING! The next pictures you’ll see are not pretty.


After washing and drying my face, I always do face steaming prior applying this. A simple bowl or pot of hot water can do the trick. I steam for a minute then proceed. I apply this evenly while avoiding the eye area. Then leave it on for 20 minutes or until it dries.


When it’s dry, I gently peel off the mask from bottom toward to top. Then I rinse with warm water.



Even though I look so ugly while doing this, my skin feels and looks glowing afterwards. And, my cheeks naturally blush. It feels good when you have unclogged pores.


ROSE QUARTZ FACIAL ROLLER - I have this tool for two years now. I happened to get this when it’s trending around the social media. I remember that I was so excited to have mine and observed if it really works.


Pop in into fridge for 15 minutes before using it or you can just put it there forever so that it’s ready anytime you’ll be needing it. Then follow these motions...




Rose quartz face rollers are said to improve blood circulation and skin tone, reduce redness, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark undereye circles. It also promote lymphatic drainage.


iWHITE KOREA AQUA MOISTURIZER - First and foremost, I tried this product because it is made in Korea. In my opinion, Koreans brands sounds promising when it comes to skincare products. Just look at their celebrities. Honestly, I also want to achieve glowing skin like theirs. That’s why I gave this a try and it’s the only imported product that I can afford. I have tried other moisturizers but I experienced some bad reactions. I love this because it’s water- based. So far, so good.



I just apply ample amount all over my face but only at daytime. Always remember to follow the advice when applying products. It should always be in upward motion.

I tried putting on at nighttime but I got zits when I woke up. Since then, I just go to bed with bare face, no products at all.


My skin feels hydrated but not oily/ greasy. Also, I believe that applying moisturizer prevents premature aging of our skin.


Revlon Kiss Lip Balm - Our lips also need care. To keep it hydrated, I use this.



Just like ordinary lip products, I glide it to my lips as needed during daytime.


Chapped or Cracked lips avoided and other lip products are easier to apply.

This post is not sponsored. Also, I don’t guarantee that these products will also work for others. These are just my personal experiences.

Last Tip


Always Smile... It’s the best beauty secret you can apply and it’s FREE 🙂

There you go. I really enjoyed doing these all and I’m glad that I shared it to you. I hope you like it and Thank you for reading. 🙂

Special Thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator05, @booming1, and @booming04 who have supported many Steemians with quality contents



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