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Welcome to Steemit

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Hello everyone Nmaste,

I am very glad to be taking part in the fourth week of the Steem Women club Engagement Contest.
As part of this contest, I will tell you about what I do for personal development.

Helping poor people / Act of Kindness

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I consider it the duty of a human being to help people. We should always help the people living in our neighborhood and community. I am associated with my Robinhood Army NGO. I often help the poor in my city with my team and spend time among them. And the blessings that I get from him always inspire me to move forward in my life. And thinking that I do better next time. I believe that helping the hungry is our religion and we should always stand by it.

Reading books and Newspaper 🗞

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I often devote some of my time to education. I read daily newspapers, from which I get information about the events happening in my India, I get information about new innovations. With this I am always updated. Another reason for reading a newspaper is that by reading the articles written by psychologists by leading researchers, your thoughts change. Books are the foundation of our life, with the help of which we decide the path of our life. This allows us to exchange good thoughts. And it makes our life easy.

Exapand time with my family


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I understand that having a family is very important in life. This gives us strength. When your family will stand by you, you will touch all the heights of life. You should respect the elders, you will always learn something from them. That's why I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. You all must know how important it is to have festivals in India and in these festivals, we all celebrate festivals together. He has knowledge of our culture and we will pass on our civilization to the next generation as well. Being with family gives us energy.

Exapand time with my friends || I love my Country


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Friends are very important in life Behind every successful person, the family of friends is very important. Friends always give us energy to move forward. I often spend time with my friends and learn good things from them. Because in unity there is integrity. I agree that it is a little difficult to do any work alone, but if friends and family are with their country, then no work is impossible. In the picture I uploaded, I am celebrating Republic Day with my friends. We should always stand for our country. Because nothing is more important than the country. By celebrating the National Festival, we remember all the martyrs who played an important role for the independence of their country and laid down their lives. We should not forget those revolutionaries. We always get inspiration from them to do something.

Watching movies with my friends


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I like to go to the movies with friends. There is always something new to learn from the movie and it also removes the fatigue of the mind. This leads to exchange of new ideas. I love watching patriotic and science fiction movies to give us some inspiration and knowledge.



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Source:@deepak94's Oppo A52020

I am very fond of traveling. I always get to learn something from this. There are different types of cultures in India and if you know those cultures closely, then you will understand how beautiful it is. Different types of communities reside in India. I often like to visit my country during holidays. It always gives me something new to learn and I get familiar with the culture there. I am very fond of food. I love to eat healthy foods.

My Recommendation

These are some Benefits to self development. Because of all these things I always learn something or the other and make my life easy. All these processes give me motivation.

I invite my friends to take part in this beautiful contest - @monz122 @krishna001 @wase1234 @jyoti-thelight @poorvik @alfazmalek.

Thank you

Hi bro, you have presented a nice portfolio of yourself in detail, it seems you are a kind and energetic human being thanks for the invitation, I try to take part in the contest, the contest ending time is very short. All the best

Thanks my friend @poorvik. You are one of my best friend on this platform . Thanks for your kind word.

 3 months ago 

I like your thought that helping people is helps us to develop personally, a nice article from your side, Thank you for the invitation, I already submitted my post in this contest. Wish you win the challenge!

Very very thanks Jyoti ji for read my article and give your valuable feedback and all the very best to your entry .

Brother you have a potential and i think one day you set a goal . You are doing very good on entire platform.

Thanks @shubhambhagat for like my article.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for participating in the competition. You are very right, the first teachers of a person are his family. That's why this topic is important. People can also learn from movies. especially in history and documentary style movies. nice article congratulations

Thanks @svm038 for your kind supportive words and like my post .

 3 months ago 

Interesting and very good self development activity. Hopefully it can be done well Greetings from Indonesia.

Thanks @sailawana for stopping on my post and give your lovely comment.

all the very best for the contest

Thanks @sangita83 for visit my post.

 3 months ago 

hola amigo, que gratificantes es poder contribuir con ayudas humanitarias, ayudar a otros es una labor muy hermosa, felicidades por tu esfuerzo y dedicacion.!

Muchas gracias por apreciar mi trabajo. Debería ser nuestro deber ayudar a la gente. Porque quien da a luz no necesariamente nace rico. Por eso ellos también tienen derecho a vivir

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Hello there. Namastê friend from India. I'm also agree about the statement of helping to others so you can help yourself by just doing this because the feedback is even greater. 💙

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