MyObjectPhotography - 13.06.2022

in NFTMC2 months ago

Here is a photo I want to share with you.

I don't know what is it but there is something from Jackson Pollock ;)

This is my entry for #MyObjectPhotography initiated by @eii

The Rules of MyObjectPhotography Challenge
Use only your original photos!
Use the tag #MyObjectPhotography
The title of your post must include MyObjectPhotography
Recommendations (not mandatory)
In your post you can invite your friends, to join the Challenge to increase its popularity.
You can add descriptive text to the picture for better understanding.
The photos can be edit with program, add effects, and so on. #aa


Я это уже у тебя видел

да, было....

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thank you very much, nftmc =)

Умеете вы всякую чушь красиво сфотографировать )

нет, не умею....

на самом деле не очень, я думаю.

Я тоже так думаю

this looks like one of those art images they get criminals to look at to assess their mental state.

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