The Value Of Steem And How Can We Use Steem Blockchain Effectively?

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I greet all steemians.

Today I share with you the value of steem and how can we use steemit.



The Steemit network has three different cryptocurrencies that is; STEEM, Steem Power, and Steem Dollars. STEEM is the foundational digital currency of Steemit and it can be traded like any other currency. You can buy Steem, sell it, or convert it into other cryptocurrencies. It can also be converted into Steem Dollars (SBD), or “powered up” to receive Steem Power (SP).


Steem dollars are what users send to each other when they upvote or share each other’s content and you can only use them within the Steemit platform. The price of Steem is often measured against the U.S. dollar. One Steem dollar is the amount of Steem that it takes to reach one U.S dollar depending on the exchange rate.

Steem Power (SP) is essentially a token that symbolizes how much influence you have within the platform. The more Steem Power you have, the more your upvotes and downvotes.


We can use Steemit for marketing. I say marketing is a way to go with especially if you are already using social media networks as part of your marketing strategy, Steemit is a great network to add to the list. Steemit has a strong leaning toward tech topics but it is expanding as influencers from other platforms are beginning to use it. In fact, as more people learn about Steem it will continue opening up to other industries and your business could be among the earliest to join.

The goal of using social networking sites is to grow your audience, engage, and eventually convert audience engagement into sales. Steemit is essentially following the same plan, but with some different motivators.

On other social media platforms, you can post just about anything on behalf of your brand: pictures, motivational quotes, product info, etc. But on Steem, the key is value. Since there is a monetary reward, users are more selective with what content they upvote. Additionally, the effect of downvotes coming from users holding a lot of Steem Power is amplified.

>I will end and say, if you share valuable content and engage with users you will begin to see the results and your life will change.


This post was authored by @kubati and edited by @oppongk.

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