Steem Ghana Promotional video for social media advertisement(@nattybongo, @head1, @pandev, @phisally1 and @massachussets).

in Steem Ghana2 years ago

Greetings to all steemians,

Today, we bring to your doorstep another session of promotional video and censorship made by the @steemghana community. In this episode of steem promotion, members in Ghana share with the world reasons why they have chosen steem and steemit over any other blockchain and all other social media platforms.

It however focuses on the benefits of the steem cryptocurrency for the use of investors. The outlined reasons given by members in this video spelled out clearly that is the best cryptocurrency that people can rely on. We are of a great conviction that, these words are so powerful to attract the attention of investors to try stem as a means of transaction through their daily activities.

Thanks to you @nattybongo @pandev @head1 @phisally1 and @massachussets for the time and effort spent in bringing us this piece. And many thanks also to you @mcsamm for putting the pieces of information together in bringing up this video for our promotion. We seek the support of all steemians to help the community in doing these to spread the message of steem and steemit to people here in Ghana through social media platforms.


This is one of the best strategies to promote steem. Kudos guys

 2 years ago (edited)

Steemit to the world. Even when my eyes are closed I'll always choose steemit

Great!!!...will take part next time.

Nice censorship. We should share this on all platforms to raise awareness.

 2 years ago (edited)

super nice. Thanks for the feature

 2 years ago 

Marvelous work done by this handsome gentleman. Lets make it happen live.

Go higher steem-ghana
Go higher steemit.

 2 years ago 

This is great. Thanks to everyone who participated 😍

 2 years ago 

Wow, beautiful message, our community is doing amazing

 2 years ago 

This is great promotional work and we have to do well to ensure it reach the masses, i recommend members share with the link to their friends

 2 years ago 

Even as we share these simple messages with people out there, we hope it brings to the steem blockchain the intended individuals who are ready to invest and transact with steem. Thaks to you all guys.

 2 years ago 

Great great and informative

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