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Alhamdulillah is the first thing I will say. Life has been so beautiful to be a part of it. success goes a long way to go that we can’t get there alone unless with family. Family isn’t just the people we grow up with but to me, family is the people that stay close kick us up the ladder of success. I say a big thank you to everyone who has been of support since day one.

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The nomination was not an easy task. I mention that to family and they say, “You are born for greatness, go for Gold.” I did my part to get far with the nomination. They stood by me and gave me the support I needed. You know, success if not for people who believe in you, giving up will always be an option. You stood close to give me the motivation I needed. I am grateful for having you.

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Many watch families turn to friends but we turn our friends into family. We stand by each other to wake each other up while we still have the chance to make hey. We stay up close to take our chances and we remember that the more we go together we go far rather than going fast alone. Success isn’t for one person. We will surely get there together. Thanks for the support family.

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Well, not as we expected but Allah will always test and plan for us something great for the future. Life is a blessing we don’t pay for. Many things happen and we can’t best tell what is preparing us. We just hope and believe a better task is ahead. I remember when an obstacle hit me so hard. I had no choice and I turned to Allah, I said, “You know best.” A few days later, I realized the great consequence of the obstacle and I said alhamdulillah. We aren’t quitting. Allah will make us great in his name. let’s keep hoping for a family.

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Success will come in sha Allah. Let’s hope, stay awake and stay close to keep one another company till the dreamland of success.


Come closer as we smile and sip our drinks on our way to success. Thanks for staying with me. may we be great in his name together?
Alhamdulillah Family!

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