The Diary Game: 13/04/2021 - My Activities On Tuesday

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My Diary Starting from the house

It is another blissful morning. Around 4 am as I use to do, I did short morning devotion before preparing some hot tea for my kids. Very soon they are going vacate about two and I will be rest from waking up dawn all the time. I set the charcoal into the coal pot, since our gas has finished. I quickly put clean water on it to be heated. Soon, the water is well warmed. I poured the required for the tea while the rest was left for bathing them. I began mixing the Milo, sugar and milk powder. It was very hot so I place it to cool while I woke them up to come and take their bath. After bathing and pasting it would be cooler for drinking.


preparing tea for my kids for school

After they have taken their breakfast, I made sure they have dressed quickly since we had few time for the arrival of their school bus. I took them to the bus stop while waiting for it to come. Were we nearly late so I couldn't buy biscuit but gave them money instead.

When they left, I also came home to dress for school. I got to school 5 mins to 8 o'clock. My Headteacher informed me about some meeting scheduled today at 9 am. I would be going with Baidoo, the ICT teacher. I had to let Baidoo finish his first lesson before we could attend the meeting. It would be held at Presby Junior high school. We were even 5 mins late when we got to the road side to pick a taxi to the venue. When we arrived, most of the Heads and their ICT teachers have seated in the workshop but, the actual lesson hasn't yet started. The facilitators to this workshop had already mounted project to be presented the course on power point. We also seated comfortably to commence the meeting. It was about "National Teacher's Council - Building Teachers, other staffs and students portfolio."


The start of the NTC workshop presentation using projector on power point

Actually, the meeting took about 3 hours. Meanwhile, no snack or water was given. That is one of the stress teachers are passing through; lack of motivation in our professional has been the menace compared to other sectors like Health. The higher authorities have underrated the education sector as one of the most populated sector,hence they can't cater everything. I see this as unfair grounds. But, it has been in existence for so long. Complains have been forwarded severally, yet no positive result has come.


At the middle of the meeting, coordinator taking pictures of attendance

Seats were very hot upon sitting for some minutes. We did some practical work of how the fill the National Teachers Council (NTC) Portal. We could use our laptops and mobile phones to access the site.

The meeting was brought to a closure while we all stood up and began to disperse.


when we were about to close the meeting, Heads & ICT teachers standing up

We were so tired and hungry. We well 3 people walking together, Baidoo, Gloria and I. We passed to Zongo to buy some koose and porridge. The Muslims have began their Ramadan so these food were easy to get.

We arrived at Mr. Asare's house to relax since we were not going back to school; about some few minutes for school to close. Baidoo and I decided to take the koose, while Gloria left us for her house.


Relaxing at Asare's house while taking our Koose

My day has been busy with lots of rounds. But, things got normal.

Thanks for your attention!


Great day it was for you but please can I join you next time for the breakfast?

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Hahahaha, yeah you can join me.

You really have a great day