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Greetings everyone and the steemit team,

As more newcomers are trooping in within our community, it is only befitting that they get their own copies of the steem Ghana T-shirts. And since I am currently within Kumasi where I am quite familiar with such shops, now seemed like the perfect opportunity to work on this.

But I also thought of getting a different design than we had last year since I have noticed very good looking T-shirts in several communities on steemit. Inspired by what @anroja has been doing for the steem SEA community, I managed to get the steemit logos and contacted a graphic designer to design a befitting steemit t-shirt for our steem Ghana community.

Here are the designs he came up with 👇.

Yellow Steem Ghana T-Shirt

Blue Steem Ghana T-Shirt

Black Steem Ghana T-Shirt

Red Steem Ghana T-Shirt

I then went to a design shop from across the Buoho station streets to make inquiries about the t-shirt. They assured me they could get it printed for us but they have to visit the market in order to get the necessary material for printing.

I asked for a sample t-shirt which they will use in printing and they provided me with a black one they had lying around.

The sample plain t-shirt I was given

The problem I had with it was with the sizes they had (only large). But we sorted that out and now we need to know the number, colour and sizes that is needed in order to print the t-shirts.

I will be issuing a list for our steemians to see their preference in order to know what to print. I will then tally them in a tabular spreadsheet format as seen below.

Thank you for your attention.

 8 months ago 

All good. Great idea

 8 months ago 

I absolutely love the black and blue, great work @njaywan

 8 months ago 

Great choice, attractive indeed 🥰

 8 months ago 

The designs look great, i prefer the blue colour. Keep up the good work

 8 months ago 

Sure thing.

The design looks so nice and bright. Thanks to @mcsamm and all the designers. And many thanks to @anroja for showing us the way.

You are welcome buddy

 8 months ago 

We surely will have a great time this Easter.

 8 months ago 

Most definitely @mcsamm 👍

These are fantastic designs. I love that blue one the most.

 8 months ago 

Wow, very attractive. I prefer the blue colour

 8 months ago 

Awesome, working on it.

great work bro, I prefer the red t-shirt

thats nice to go with..

The t-shirts are fantastic

please i need one, my location is Tamale, show me a way to get one.

I love the black one
Beautiful T-shirts
Up Ghanaians

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