Receiving one hundred(100) steem from @stephenkendal as sponsorship to support Steem T-shirt in my promotional campaign. Thank you for supporting steem promo in Ghana.

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This is nothing but an expression of so much gratitude to you @stephenkendal for your high sense of generosity and kindness on the steem blockchain. I see so much greatness in being grateful to you for your support. Indeed, you have demonstrated to the world in all possible ways your effort to ensure steem promo work is intensified by hard-working people. The feeling is great but l am more grateful for making me greater in my promo work. I still believe there is a lot more to achieve in this journey. And the presence of promoters like you is the motivation we have in achieving every single dream that is identified on blockchain technology.

I write also to appreciate the effort of every promo member for their direction to ensure #promo-steem reaches its core objective in reaching out to the world. The new trend of social media blogging needs the presence of selfless people like you @vipnata @slon21veka @arie.steem @pennsif @dorbatim and many others. The #promo is much more than a community to make impacts with steem in the lives of people.


 @stephenkendal sponsors steem shirt for promo

The given support is hereby going to sponsor the production of steem shirts for educational campaigns here in Ghana. Reaching out to many youths in most of our educational setups is of great need. One of the most powerful materials needed in promotional work here in Ghana is the steem shirts. Printing enough shirts to help all promoters and people to share steem with will yield a significant effect on the promotion of steemit. In this regard, l call on all promoters on this platform to engage massively in spreading the promotion of steem. Social media handles of our friends and families must be flooded with our steem activities. This is what the world needs.


In addition, a new steem shirt design is underway to demonstrate the hard work and support of you @stephenkendal in promoting steemit. Once again l say thanks a million for the support. We obviously wouldn't make the best out of things without you. This and many reasons we also want to work harder in promoting steem in our own way. I entreat all local steem promoters to constantly work on bringing ideas in helping to develop divert ways in achieving our target. All activities and plans that will go into this production will be shared for directions to be able to make the intended promo in an educational setting a successful one.


 100 steem received from @stephenkendal

Let us all join hands to support @stephenkendal with all the great ideas he has in helping to promote steemit. The steem promo work is a collective activity that requires the input of everyone. No one at all is left out of the journey. We win together. The new design of the steem shirt will be shared soon for the sponsorship that has been given in its production for the campaign. Thanks to all for helping me achieve this milestone. This is our world, let us live it well.


It is my absolute pleasure.

I am proud to be a Sponsor for your #Steem Campaign in Ghana and I am looking forward to seeing the photos of the new T-Shirts.

Good luck with your Campaign and keep up the great work.


 2 months ago 

A thankful heart. Working together, we win together.

 2 months ago 

We really appreciate your good work @stephenkendal

 2 months ago 

Thanks so much for this great support of our team. It is our pleasure join you promote steem together.♥️

Отличная работа, отличная поддержка и искренне желаю удачи!
У меня тоже есть кое-какие мысли, чуть позже сообщу)

 2 months ago 

I love your kindness and support too. Let us help @stephenkendal in spreading steem. I look forward to all the amazing ideas you see useful to help me in this steem promo journey. Thanks always @slon21veka

Участие в моих конкурсах и конкурсах сообщества - это уже один из методов продвижения steemit!
Так что, приглашайте друзей и знакомых! В сообществе можно рассказать про граффити (началась неделя под номером 3)...
Можно рассказать про интервью с Богом ( это Тема Недели)...
Можно рассказать про охоту нас лона (самое главное условие - это фотоохота или творческая )
Можно попробовать создать эмблему для нашего сообщества...
Можно рассказать про расстения, про музыкальную коллекцию, про любимую книгу, про любимую игру...
Ну вы в кусе, в нашем сообществе очень много конкурсов и они действительно помогают пользователям, реализовать себя, свои мысли и получить достойное вознаграждение или достойную поддержку!
Главное - принять участие!

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Wow. I definitely will share more with my acquaintances to join in soon. Thanks for helping others to grow together with you.

 2 months ago 

this is a great news and thanks bro for the massive work doing

 2 months ago 

Thanks too buddy

Good to see you promoting steemit. Go higher @mcsamm

 2 months ago 

Lets work together

Great post and great thanks to the main sponsor of our contests @stephenkendal.
You are right, only together we will achieve our goal.
And Steemit will be known all over the world.
Thank you so much, my friend @mcsamm

 2 months ago 

Your presence is so motivational in this promo work. Thanks for your support. I look forward to seeing the new #promo-steem t-shirt you are bringing up for the progress of the course.

Great work done
Keep it up 👍

 2 months ago 

A big thanks to him

 2 months ago 

Great works surely pays off,
Keep it up bro🚀

 2 months ago 

This is thrilling, many thanks to our supporters and great work @mcsamm, let's do even better