The Diary Game: 14/06/2021 - At School Today, My Office Work & Supervision

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Hello Steemians, it's another day God has granted us. Today is Monday, the beginning of working days. This is one of days, that workers become busy. As the Headteacher of my school I had to prepare and leave for school since I had a lot to do. After bathing, I took some hot tea dressed up and walked to my school, this wasn't far which would compel me to pick a taxi.

Every Monday being the beginning of the week is devotion for all teachers for bringing us back the work safely. We gathered at the staff room and engaged in the morning led by one of our teachers. Now, back to my daily Administrative work when I am in school: I sit in office to mark my teachers Note Books. I had to take my time and see to it that all things are done right. Mistakes were corrected and teachers who were having challenges were called and addressed issues.


marking my teachers Lesson Note Books

Having finished marking the lesson note books, I moved round from class to class to supervise my teachers in class, whether they are using the methods and stated objectives to teach. This wasn't for find a fault but to supervise their input of work and to assess their performance. The lesson delivery of Mad Becky was so interesting and I really enjoyed it.


supervising my teachers in classroom to see their output of work

Pupils participation in class was so high. They were given group work to complete within some few minutes, they were able to do it. I was so impressed when I was in the class. This shows the good job Madam Becky is doing. We all clapped our hands ✋the pupils for their contribution. I moved to the next class till I finished going round.


clapping our hands for pupils for their good work

As I always do, from time to time I need to visit our Canteen to check their food quality and report monthly to the Ghana Education Office at Nsuta. So visited the caterers while they well serving food for the pupils. I also checked the quantity of food they were giving to the pupils. Everything was right. So I returned to my office and continued my administrative work.


visiting the caterers to check their food quality & quantity for pupils

We closed at exactly 2pm when I went home to relax for the long day work. I enjoyed watching some TV shows while I was relaxing in my chair.

I will be more busy at 4pm when my wife begin preparing supper for the family. So, I will pause here and say bye! Thanks for your attention!

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