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Hey everyone, trust we doing good. Thankful to God for this wonderful day.

I woke up with all smiles because I anticipated a great day. I was invited to participate in a health program at korle bu. Today been 29th September is World Heart Day. The world we know beats on the rhythm of your heartbeat. It's very important to keep it beating. I was privileged to join this campaign on cardiovascular diseases awareness.


Later in the day, I visited the chief and leaders of the Obeyeyie community in Amasaman, a suburb of Accra.


Giving back to society is something I love. There are a lot of people with disabilities in this community so I decided to use this day to visit them and provide them with any rehabilitation service they might need. Some needed financial support so we provided them with some amount of money to help cater for their basic needs.


Seeing smiles on the faces of these people gives me great joy. There's nothing more satisfying than this.


I hope to inspire a lot of people with the skills and the little I have.


Thanks for reading. I trust your day has been great too.

 8 months ago 

There is nothing more satisfying than giving and realising that the person really appreciates what you have given them.
You feel some kind of accomplishment, and I think your day was a day well spent☺️

Thanks for sharing your day with us.

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