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Hello everyone
I will like to give thanks and praise to the almighty God for making this day successful one and I will also like to share with you guys how my Thursday went.

This was the village I and my friends when in the morning

I wake early today because I was going to accompany a friend called Datoyili which is along the Accra to Kumasi way so when I wake he was the first person to call me and I took my bike and went to his house and pick him up and we went there by the grace of God we were able to go there and come back safely.

When I came out in the morning and I was going to my friend place

When we got back from a trip from the village was so drip and tired and I didn't even brush my teeth before going to the village with my friend so when we got back and I entered my room I went to the washroom to brush my teeth and bath as well after was done bathing I clean up the dripping water from my body after that I put on my boxes pant and slept again it was a long journey so I was very tired after that I wake up again and wash my face and put my clothes on and after that, I when outside to pick up my bike was going to a friend.


After I returned from the village and I was going to my friend's place to teach how to do some screenshots

Was having a problem with how to do a screenshot so when I got to their place he wasn't there so I have to wait for a few minutes before he comes back so when he returned he was able to help me with that screenshot and from there we came outside of their house, and we started debating about a match before Ghana and Ethiopia Game which Ethiopia was playing Home game and Ghana was playing away game it was a tough match for both team Ghana need a win and Ghana couldn't win the match ended 1-1 so the probability that Ghana can still make it up to the world cup is less so after we where done watching the match I returned to my house.

When I was about to leave his place or when I was about to go home after we were done with the screenshots

When I gotten to the house I ate food and I went out again I was going to another friend because I am a type of person I don't like seating in the house like going to my friends place up to now I am still at my friend that was how I spend my Thursday .

I will like to give thanks and praises to the Almighty God for making this day a great one and I will also like to thank everyone for taking their time and energy to always go through my post .


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