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Hello everyone,
The weekend is meant for resting and relaxation but in our place, weekends are meant for going occasions like weddings, etc so I will like to thank the almighty God for giving this wonderful day and I will also like to share with you guys how I spend my Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we were still making preparations toward the marriage Sunday so I was kinda busy so I didn’t have enough rest because I was going up and down and I didn’t even take my bath self because the pressure was on me I work till 10:30 pm and that was the time I spend so I didn’t have enough time to take pictures on that day.

When we were working and we all got tired

On Sunday that was the wedding day I woke up early on that so when I woke up, I went straight to the washroom to brush my teeth and bath in addition after I was done bathing I cleaned up the dripping water from my body and put on my wedding dresses it was a day for joy because a lot of my friend came and those that I didn’t expect all came and I want to use this platform to thanks every one of them for coming to the wedding after I was done dressed up I came outside to tell my friend to also dressed up because time wasn’t on our side so when they were all dressed up and so my senior brother’s all came up so we were all headed to the Ladies house to seek blessings from the MALLAM by the grace of the almighty God everything went on successfully.

When we were about to go to the ladies house to seek blessings

When we reached the lady house and we were greeting her parents

after that, we were headed back to our place to have a party so when we got back to our place so we bought out the food and drink to share it with each individual who was there, and by the grace of God we were able to share it to them that was how I spend my weekends



When we were about to share food drinks

I will like to thank everyone for taking their time and energy to always go through my post



Great day it it was for you. I hope the food you bought taste good? Try and share for me to get part of the drinks.

Thanks for sharing.

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