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Greetings everyone, I am delighted to share with everyone in this great community yet another exciting day of mine. I hope we are doing good and hoping for the best in life. Once again no matter the situation we find ourselves in let’s hope for the best as the future will surely be bright.

Today been the 19th of November 2021 and a blessed Friday saw me doing nothing but just a normal routine I’d activities. I therefore thought it wise to share it will all of us

I woke up as early as possible once again which is necessary to say my prayers as a good Muslim. I therefore took a nap for some time since I don’t have any schedule activity to do before going to work. I therefore slept for a while. I then woke up finally then prepared for Jummah Prayers since today happens to be a Friday. Fridays are special days for we Muslims because we get to worship our beloved Creator in a grand style. I therefore prepared and dressed up for mosque.

Before leaving for prayers

I set out of the house together with my mum to the mosque with the help of a motorbike. We were not very early because we delayed at home before leaving to the mosque. We then got to the mosque on time and joined them for sermon and prayers.

Leaving for mosque

Today sermon been delivered by the Imam of our mosque was another interesting and touching subject. He spoke about the need to be very prayerful and also practicing of the prayers we do. That’s we shouldn’t only be practicing but we should do it from our heart. He added that we should try and make our household all have the prayerful nature In their life’s. He therefore entreated various family heads to live an example life.

We closed from the mosque and I went back home to sleep. I slept for sometime then woke at evening time to make some deliveries. I sent some products of my sister to a customer of hers.

Place of delivery

I therefore returned to the house after making the delivery and this concluded my day.
Thank you very much for your attention


Thank you for sharing your day with us

 10 months ago 

It’s my pleasure

 10 months ago 

Nice day

 10 months ago 

Thank you

thanks for sharing your day with us buddy

 10 months ago 

It’s my pleasure

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