The diary game:My Sunday, Matchday: 18-04-21

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Hello family, it's been a while. Welcome back to my diary, hope you're all doing well.

The intense heat of my current location at the moment has really impeded my movements so I don't go out that much during the day, especially noon time. The temperature can rise up to 44°(sometimes I think this is the hell we've always been talking about..ha!). I'm thinking of going home soon.
Today, the temperature was a lot better when I woke up but I had a cold or catarrh. I think I got that because there's too much dust around now.
I woke up around 5am and exercised a little bit. I had a lot of energy when I woke up today.
Because I have a test on Monday, I went straight for my lecture notes after showering.  I studied for like 4 hours(I didn't really keep track of the time but I think it's around 4hours). After studying, my friends, @blayforson  and @tsikata came over for a friendly visit.


@blayforson  and @tsikata

We talked as usual and ate whatever we laid our hungry eyes on. They later moved out to get their shirts from @njaywan.

I watched the Manchester United and Burnley match on my phone after they left.
And we won again, at home. You can imagine the feeling.




watching the match

They came back with the shirts at long last; I was glad they finally got theirs since they were always bugging me about when the shirts would be available.
Since @blayforson had to go make preparations for the test tomorrow  he decided to leave so @tsikata also left with him.
It was already getting late so I decided to eat kenkey along with the bean stew I made not long ago. I added salad to it too. Though it mightn't look that appetizing, it carries a lot of nutrients and tastes quite wonderful too.


my supper

I ended my day with playing my FIFA games and also making calls with some loved ones.




playing games

Thanks for visiting and reading my post.