The dairy game(30/05/2021)Stressful but an opportunity to tour

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Hello everyone,
Today has been stressful day but an opportunity to explore and also tour in the city of Accra.

I woke around 3:00am today because, I colleague friend was getting married at Accra and from Kumasi to Accra is very far so what it means is that, I have to prepare and get there on time and the program was to start at 8:00am. So when I woke in that time, I did devotion, went outside to take my bath and also clean my teeth. I came back to my room to dress up and then went out with @philsally1 to wait our other colleagues teachers at a given place. In about some minutes, we all gathered and we set off from our place to Accra.



Because all the teachers doesn't actually know exactly where we were going, a google location was sent to us of which we are to follow to get there. The location was good but because our driver always speed up, we always bypass the Junction of which we are supposed to pass and it continues consecutively and you can imagine that when you are at the Tema moto way, you can do U-turn. So we have to continue with our journey unless you find another possible root, but gradually we finally alight at the location and you can imagine how stressful it will be.


the couples

When we got there, the traditional ceremony was already done with and it was left with the blessing which will take place at the bride church house. Because we were tired and also hungry, we were served with so food, we took it and returned to the church house of which the blessing will be carried on.




Upon all the stress and tiredness, I took my role which was assign to me by my friend.







Because our journey is far, we couldn't wait for them to close so we seek permission and departed from the program, when we were coming, this same Google map, failed us. It was then that I got the opportunity to tour and see how Accra is. All of my colleagues were happy although we were lost. We stop and ask for a direction, and very fortunate, we were able to get the good root to Kumasi. On our way coming, I took my served rice because I was hungry.

When we get to Kumasi, I went to my house, took my bath, did my devotion and my activities for the day ended.

Thank you for your time...


Hi @banapat, great post my friend, congratulations and blessings to you.

Thank you my good friend

That's an interesting experience. Your driver should slow down next time in other not to bypass your Google directions 😃😃. You looking good in the uniform too✌️✌️.

Thank you

Nice day it was for you.

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