The Diary Game - My Daily Activities on Campus Today (27/07/2022)

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Greetings to everyone on this wonderful platform, I am back again to the Steemit platform of which I love so much. Due to certain pressing needs and difficulties I had to result in powering down my account. Now I’m back to start from scratch and build my account again, and I know it won’t be easy so I’ll put in all my effort and work into it, to ensure I succeed on the platform.

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Today being another blessed day, I woke up early in the morning at around 5:20 am and I performed my morning prayers. Then I had some assignments to work on, so I quickly finished with the assignments and prepared them for printing to be submitted later in the day. Later in the morning, I had some breakfast after working on the assignment.

Around noon, it was time for my first lecture of the day which lasted for just an hour, but before the class I had to present my assignments. We had some unannounced quiz also, which I was able to write very well… I trust myself that I will score a high mark in the quiz since it was basic questions on a topic we learned just last week.

Afternoon Lecture

After the class, I had to rush back to my hostel to get myself lunch to eat. I was very hungry and thirsty since the sun was too hot today. When I had my lunch, I had to take a short nap before attending by next lecture which was around 3:20 pm but was later on postponed to the evening.

Indomie and Sausage for launch

In the evening, around 7:00 pm I went for the lecture and it was very brief also, so then I went back to my hostel. Offered my evening prayers, then I decided to watch some movies.

At the evening lecture

The movie I watched was becoming boring so I decided to close my laptop and head over to Steemit platform and write a diary post of today’s activities.

Watching a movie on my laptop

That’s how my day went down, thanks for having time to read my post. See you next time.


Of all my lectures I seem not to like attending evening lectures at all. This is because by that time you would have been exhausted and feeling all hungry .

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Thank you for posting in the steem Ghana community.

 10 months ago 

For me, I really like the evening ones because you don’t have to walk in the hot, scorching sun.

 10 months ago 

Great day it was for you. Taking a nap is something I like but certainly not after eating. However I can see this your lunch is appetizing with lot of sausages. I believe you really enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing.

 10 months ago 

Oh yeah I think it’s not healthy at all to take a nap immediately after eating but in my case, I was very tired from walking in the sun. And yes, I also enjoyed my lunch meal very well.

 10 months ago 

That is great 👍👍👍.

Wow you ate this delicious looking lunch and didn’t even invite me. That’s not fair.

 10 months ago 

Oh I would’ve invited you but your brother told me you had a class at that time. So don’t worry next time lol

All be lies.🧐

 10 months ago 

The food part will always draw my attention. Lectures Halls are lively when we have friends around us. Keep sharing your activities with us friend. Steem on!


Thank you for sharing your day with us. Please try to frequently vote and comment under posts. Let us keep the platform engaging. Thank you 😄

Thank you for sharing this wonderful diary with the house

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