Today we visit The cathedral in Málaga, Spain part 3

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The cathedral of the Encarnación is one of the town's most important monuments. The south tower and the main façade are unfinished. It is situated in the historic centre of the town. The building sits where a mosque-Moorish quarter once existed. Work began in the first half of the 16th century, in the Gothic style, ordered by the Catholic Monarchs, and continued in the 17th and 18th centuries. It has its own gardens and a magnificent courtyard. The interior of the cathedral has Renaissance and Baroque influences. Most noteworthy are the choir stalls (17th century) in the central nave and, especially, the sculptural works of Pedro de Mena. The chapels are also very interesting, such as that of the Encarnación, which gives the cathedral its name.























Stay tuned, in the next part 4 will show you more pictures from the Cathedral in Málaga

The pictures were shot with my mobile phone galaxy s7 edge

Today we visit Málaga, Spain

Today we visit The cathedral in Málaga, Spain part 2


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II lived in Torremoulinos for two years, but I did not visit this impressive structure. In Malaga I only know the botanical garden, which is also worth a visit.

 last year 

the botanical garden, will try to make time to visit it, thanks for the tip

Old churches like this are amazing…great photos @xpilar!

 last year 

Thank you @fijimermaid

 last year 

Thank you very much for sharing your images of this jewel of Renaissance-baroque religious architecture.

A curiosity of the exterior is that the initial project was the construction of two bell towers. As you can clearly see, there is only one, the other is unfinished. There are a lot of theories as to why it was not finished. The official one is that the funds from the tower were used to finance part of the war of independence against the French, but the popular version, which seems the most plausible, is that the funds ran out and nobody did anything to raise the money needed to finish the tower... and so on until today.

Ironically, with a very Andalusian humour, it is called "la manca" (the one-armed woman).

 last year 

Yes, I have read a bit about it, the cash box was probably empty

I really liked the interior ceiling views of the space. A really great craft 🙏🏽☺️ @xpilar

 last year 

Thank you

I love to see and explore historical places belonging to the past. Thank you very much for this beautiful article and photos 👏🏽 @xpilar

 last year 

Thank you

Thank you for giving us these wonderful photos, where we can appreciate how beautiful is the Cathedral of Malaga (Cathedral of the Incarnation) with all these works of art that are inside, it is really spectacular.

 last year 

Thanks, nice to take you inside the cathedral with my photos

Thanks for everything

 last year 

You're welcome

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