Our planned holiday trip to Spain will be postponed until the autumn due to the staff strike in Ryanair. So now it will be a holiday here at home in Norway

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On the road again 😎


Well it will be on the roads with our motorhome to see more of our own country and maybe we will also take a trip to Sweden and Denmark as well

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My activity at steemit can be somewhat limited during the holiday season and if I have an internet connection, but it is holiday time


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I wish you safety, fun, and enjoyment @xpilar 😀
You deserve all the fun things in life. 😁👍

 2 months ago 

thank you @cryptopie

 2 months ago 

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Greetings, happy and well deserved vacations, enjoy them to the fullest, we will wait for photos of the spectacular places you will be visiting.
Have a good trip.

 2 months ago 
 2 months ago 

I wish you a good weekend and show us as many beautiful photos as possible :-)

Thank you @o1eh

 2 months ago 

Looking forward to see your trip photos anytime soon, stay safe while you enjoy your holiday, happy holiday to you and mama xpilar, stay safe.

Regards 🙂

Happy holiday @xpilar

 2 months ago 

thank you @penyaircyber

 2 months ago 

Hello friend @xpilar I hope you have a great time and enjoy your vacation. Greetings!

 2 months ago 

Enjoy your trip

 2 months ago 

thank you @tfame3865

The motorhome looks very comfortable, I think if you are traveling only you and your wife then there is much space for two, so the trip is worth to do. I also would love to have such trip :)

 2 months ago 

Yes, it is comfortable and big enough for us.
it is registered for 4 people so we can also bring grandchildren on the trip 😊

hehehehe 😎👏😎
I'm so happy to see you've been on vacation again, and I'm also very happy for me, see you already have that house car, finally you have it... hehehehe

happy t holidays @xpilar, greetings to all who are on your way. 😎👏😎

 last month 

Thank you, we enjoy the motorhome

 2 months ago 

Have a good trip and have a great rest @xpilar 🖐️ 😊

 last month 

Thank you @bambuka

greetings @xpilar
I hope you have a great vacation as they are very necessary for all the work done, that will help you to come with new ideas and more renewed.

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