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A new case of highly suspected cheating, but this time it is much more serious than the OpenTheWorld case. In this case it is a contest... that fights plagiarism!

The contest is organized by @tatjanastan, hosted by the SteemSchool community and takes place every two weeks and is updated every day. The contest is always in the list of @disconnect that covers all the competitions in the platform.

Let's go back to the edition of a little over a month ago:


It involves four entries, three from Pakistan and one from Nigeria, the latter was the excluded one.

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Let's look at the profiles of the winners:


Winner @shahdzadsunny signed up 5 months ago and has only three entries. Suspicious to say the least.

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But let's look at his wallet, in five months, six movements. After withdrawing the prize, he made a transfer to an account associated with an exchange, then the void.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-24 a las 0.20.03.png

Plagia tira.jpg


Let's move on to the second prize. @talhairshad signs up for the contest and has no more entries. Even more suspicious.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-24 a las 0.20.17.png

If we look at his wallet, it is at zero and as he receives the prize, he transfers it to the same exchange as the winner.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-24 a las 0.20.35.png

Plagia tira.jpg


And finally the third prize winner, @azeemch, registered 5 months ago and when he entered the contest, he had been inactive for three months.He does his verification with the achievement-1, just before the contest and, strangely enough, he repeats it a month later. In his post for the contest, he presents 20! proofs of plagiarism, the first from Korean accounts, obviously written in Korean, and the rest from articles on crypto sites. A classic, as we will see in the next contestant, the excluded one.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-24 a las 0.20.57.png

His wallet is at zero and after withdrawing the prize at the same exchange as the other winners, he has no more operations.

Plagia tira.jpg

Let's take a look at the contestant who was excluded, @bascot. His profile shows six months of inactivity before the contest.His entry consists of 19 proofs of plagiarism, all of them from crypto sites. His account is 7 months old and the last post before the contest was 6 months old

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-24 a las 0.22.42.png

When he is excluded from the contest, he writes a complaint reply threatening to report the organisers. Tatjanastan replies and is never heard from again. This is the first suspicion that the contest organiser even invents people who do not agree with him. We will see this later:

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-01 a las 17.20.57.png
Their chat is in the first link of this entry.

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The next contest announcement, about three weeks ago, is not to be missed.


There are five contestants, including myself, and it only gives a prize to @topeh, a teenager from Nigeria who has only 3 blog posts and the last one six months before the contest. Most of the evidence of plagiarism that the girl provides is from Korean pages, written in Korean. The reasons they give to disqualified the are a completely mess, check it out in the previous link.

Plagia tira.jpg

The only winner @topeh

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In her wallet still remains the amount of the prize. No other action after that.

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Plagia tira.jpg

This time @tatjanastan surrounds himself with a team of advisors, @oadissin and @ademuji, both Nigerians, who prove to him that the other participants do not meet the rules and should be disqualified, but pulling a new rule out of his pocket, he says he will give the remaining prizes if we prove that @oadissin is right in his disqualifications. Utterly incredible.

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The protester

As in the previous contest, another contestant, @lord-lamba protested the result and his disqualification. Strangely enough, it fits exactly the profile of contestants who seem to have been chosen by the organiser. An account opened 7 months ago that had no activity whatsoever six months before entering the competition. It seems obvious that @tatjanestan and the rest of his acolytes, or alter egos, follow a pattern of behaviour to set up their contest party.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-24 a las 15.16.32.png

I responded to him trying to find out something, but never got a reply.

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-24 a las 15.11.28.png

Plagia tira.jpg

In the current edition of the contest, there is also a good deal of fuss between the 'team of advisors' and the allegedly wronged participants. Take a look, it's worth it.


It all seems to me to be a great and exceptional piece of theatre, with an aim that only they know, it escapes me.



That's something serious happening here yes i am witness of it some earlier days ago one of our private investigator highlighted about these contests and specially that how entries are being approved.
We will not tolerate these kind of suspicious activities. Keep following it let's see what will be the drop seen of this drama.

Thank you so much for your response.

I look forward to seeing your analysis of what's been happening.

I've had a good look at this and it's potentially a fraudulent contest with the winners being in some way linked to the administrators.

I then looked at the profile of the contest administrator and they don't get steemcurator01 nor booming support and are likely doing their daily post in order to get their daily UpVu vote. Which they could literally post a picture of their backside and earn the same amount.

So I then thought to myself, they'll earn that money irrespective of what they post, so what harm are they doing?

They're spending a huge amount of time creating a contest, creating profiles to post plagiarised content, using fake profiles to highlight the fake content, using other fake profiles to dispute the prizes in order to award themselves the Steem that is already in their wallet.

Forgive me for perhaps being a little flippant, but if they are doing this when they'd earn just as much by posting photos of their bums, then it's all a rather pointless waste of their own time.

As @endingplagiarism highlighted it is a waste of their own time. However, when someone participates in this contest that will be a waste of that participant's time as well. Due to that fact, I'm going to remove them from the list until they give a proper answer for your investigation. It surely something fishy.

@xaviduran - I'll enter the contest and see how I get on. My Plagiarist Filofax should give me a good 100 articles.

Congratulations on your forthcoming Steemit King Award 🙂👑

You're very welcome!

Many thanks for interest. It is very motivating for me.

On the other hand I can't catch very well what Plagiarist Filofax means.

King!!! highly doubt that.. 😅


I can't catch very well what Plagiarist Filofax means.

Sorry - it'll be an antiquated cultural reference. Filofax's were used predominantly in the 80's for businessmen to store all of their contacts...

My entry's got 57 articles :)

@disconnect - Your trophy, sir 🏆

We'll see. I can't wait to see the final result!!

 last month (edited)

Me too - 58's a pretty solid entry. Enough to make trying to beat it more effort than it's worth!

Good job!!
Lets see if they are making up a new contester from Mongolia who speaks Korean and discovers 59 including some Serbo-Croatian fake entries which pretend plagiarism. I see them as capable of anything.

Many thanks for everything

I have a feeling my account is too well known for them not to award it the 🏆

I ain't any Sir mate.. I'm the little rat on the list :)

You guys deserve it more than me, at this very moment I'm just little popular in the platform with my consistency.

 last month (edited)


I was surprised to see the @endingplagiarism nomination - I took a step back 2-3 months ago so it's just the legacy that's active now!

The legacy will always remain than popularity.

Btw, I was horrified with that picture :D

 last month (edited)

Btw, I was horrified with that picture :D

🤣 it was the only royalty-free on I could find!

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