Got convinced to make an NFT

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I know this is a departure from my usual style but this is what i've been working on for the past few months while i take a break from traditional art.


I've heard about NFT's for a while now, Way back in 2018, on here actually, but for some reason I never thought much of it at the time. I knew people were starting to make money and I understood the concept but I was taking a much needed break from the whole crypto scene. My roommate started trading them and kept mentioning them to me, I thought it was kinda funny because I was the one that got him into crypto and now he's trying to get me into NFT"s but I kept sleeping on them.


Two months ago we we're complaining about the housing situation where we live. We live in a small mountain city and over the last few years we've been getting overrun by people trying to escape other states. They pay extra to skip the waiting lists for housing and slowly and surely jack up the price for everyone else. A lot of these people moving in are remote workers with big city salaries. It's getting to the point where service workers can't afford the town they work and live in. We've had friends go homeless and then you hear a bunch of tourists say "Oh my god the housing here is so cheap". And they start buying up all the rental properties.


This was our original idea for Genties. We we're going to make NFT's out of the people who were low key ruining our town. Puffy jackets, air pods and sprinter vans. You probably know the type. Once we got the style down we just kept adding on to it. We were making hats, jackets and glasses just as a meme but things slowly started to take shape.


We started to make clothes for the Genties that we liked and soon they started to look like hipsters and business men, skaters and college students and the next thing we knew we were making Ninjas and skeleton Genties too. The whole thing became this little pixel art world where all these wacky characters were moving into your neighborhood.

Genties Neighborhood banner 2.png

The idea was taking on a life of it's own and we started building our community. We wanted to create a parody of the housing market and the people that treat homes like stocks in a time where most people are paycheck to paycheck and just barely making ends meet. So we started the Genties Neighborhood NFT Project.


I don't want this to be too shilly so I'm just gonna leave basic info and if you feel like checking it out you can.

We're dropping 444 Genties on the Solana blockchain on the 6th (tomorrow) at 9am PST with a floor price of .22 Solana

(We will be donating 20% of all proceeds to charity/rent relief programs once we sell out)


Steem on! I hope I see some of you in the Neighborhood :)


Hi @william-syrus, it is nice to hear from you even though with different type of Art but you are right I heard as well about NFTs and Pixeled images that are very popular.. Will need to check it up, you can share that on Steem and in World of Xpilar community, may be more people will be interested :)

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