Beautiful HD Video Of Beautiful Cuckoo Bird

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My Dear Creative Steemians, I Hope you are all Well and Safe By the Grace of Almighty Creator.

Today I'm going to share with all a beautiful video of Cuckoo Birds.

Cuckoo is well known as a singing bird and also known as the most clever birds in the world. If you are from a village I'm sure you must hear the beautiful singing voice of Cuckoo in spring.

The intention of Creating every bird-related post is for creating awareness about the Existence of birds.

Hope you all enjoy the video.

Video Shoot by Nikkon D-3500
Edit In: Camtasia studio

I'm a student and Photography Is my hobby, I just spend a huge amount on making a tour for capturing photos and everything is for creating my #STEEM and #HIVE Blogs and there is no other intension. I'm not getting my expected support from my blogs. So I'm asking for support from you all that I can continue my photography.

You Can support my work by delegating #STEEM and #HIVE or by donating #STEEM & #HIVE through my @uttambarman (Both Steem and Hive account).

Thanks for being with me and for supporting me. Stay Home and Stay Safe.


Hi @uttambarman very cute bird, nice to see so close.

I see that you are using both blockchain Hive nad Steemit, only when you post in each of them make sure you use appropriate name. Like in this post you are calling "Hivers" although you are posting in Steem, that can make an impression that you just copy paste from one site to other.

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