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Hello everyone!
I would like to take part in the competition with this landscape and tell you about the drawing process. I arranged a challenge for myself for 1 month - to draw a new sketch every day using a new brush on an iPad.


So let's start =)

As always, I found a photo on Pinterest that inspired me.

First, I made a sketch with a pencil. Although more often I draw without a sketch and immediately begin to draw in color.


Then I draw the sky using a brush called "oil paint".
Then I draw mountains.


When I finished the mountains, I start to refine the smaller elements, but there are not so many of them =)
I didn't like the sky and added some red and orange shades there. So I drew a crescent moon.

In this screenshot, I showed which brush I used.

And visualization as an illustration can be used.
Thanks for your attention!


Greetings my friend @tianageo

Excellent work, you are very good at digital art.

Thanks for sharing your talent in our community

 last year 

Thank so very much 🙏🙏🙏❤️

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 last year 

Thank you 😊

 last year 

Красиво получилось, чем-то Рериха напомнило))

 last year 

Не льстите=)))
Приятно, спасибо) Обожаю Рериха...

 last year 

не, не льщу, это просто пришло в голову. Видел его картины гор с походими цветами и оттенками, и мазки схожие в чём-то.

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