BUTTERFLY | Butterfly type of butterfly that lives in a flower garden

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Butterfly type of butterfly that lives in a flower garden

Today, I want to show you again, the type of butterfly that is always in the region, such as:

  • playground
  • flower garden
  • garden
  • Meadow
  • etc

this type of butterfly you see, has a characteristic between its two wings, which you can see, in the picture above and below of course, however, this type of butterfly, really likes to develop both wings in a few seconds or minutes, but today, I could not find, the openness of both wings. This is marked because .... this type, the type of butterfly that is always in a flower garden.

like the picture above, I can get very close distance photos, this is due, because of this type of butterfly, do not feel surprised anymore, while around the park visitors. because it has become a visitor's habit, it will not interfere with the presence of a butterfly, perched above a leaf or tree branch.

overall appearance of this butterfly, you can see it clearly, in the picture below





that's a picture of the type of butterfly that always plays in the flowering area of the park, hopefully you are happy to see it.

have a nice weekend with your family

Hilsen @sultan-aceh



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Any adjective is not enough to describe the beauty of these images! Excellent photographs

thank you so much @nancybriti

Wow! Exclusive one...
Few days ago i have seen a butterfly in my garden it was too big i take a video shot of the butterfly.


This one👆

thank you so much @nevlu123

The butterfly is very beautiful and the way you take a picture is amazing so keep going

thank you so much @huym

You are welcome

Wonderful photography 👌😊

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