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While having walk during our holiday, time to time we came across graffiti on walls. There is a place that many years ago was the first skateboarder meetup. It was much smaller initially, the founder was Titus Dittman who is well knows for his engagement in the work with young people, created many skateboard places around and even in some countries abroad. Until now it is quite popular gathering place for young people. The walls of such halls are decorated with beautiful Street art, usually they are also regular renewed. When we were passing by, we of course, made couple of photos.

Many street Artists have their own style and signature, that means among the fans many can recognise the works of good graffiti Artists and also respect their works.

Some of the buildings in busy cities have monochrome colours and flat surface that is inviting for any sprayer. You might have seen many rubbish pictures of writings. When the owner paint them over, the walls are shortly after will be sprayed again, it is like never ending story. That is why, some of the house owners then referred to such street artists and let them to do a proper painting. Once the painting was done, usually artists leave their signature under their works. Luckily sprayer respect such recognised Graffiti artists and leave the walls in piece.

*At least that is good that there is such rule among the sprayer. Hope you also will like the series of the photos.


Graffiti street Art









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Wow! these graffiti are really cool!

My favourites are the first and the second, especially the colours, look like jewellery :)

You are right, could actually resemble jewellery :)

Great post @stef1, and I don't think I've ever seen graffiti art that looks this good.

We do not have such good one over here in Scotland, especially in our little town. It might be very challenging to do such large format pictures :)

 2 months ago 

Nice report about street art. The second one is absolutely fantastic.

 2 months ago 

Great paintings! There are fantastic artists who paint on walls and buildings but there is also a plague in the big cities that use the walls to fill them with scribbles and rubbish.

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