Saturday walk: Dysart Haven (P-3)

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Hello my dear Steemians,

It is always nice to reach the destination of our trip, because we know in advance no matter how bad the weather is the views are spectacular. By the time we arrived sun was hidden behind the clouds, so it was typical Scottish weather: grey with a lot of clouds. The only not typical for Scotland it was calm sea.

This is how it looks like when you finally reach the haven and what we can see is the only beautiful blue boat that was just sailing in haven.




Old stone walls and stone buildings look almost the same like hundreds years ago, it is like travelling back in time. Seeing that I always wonder how good were masons who did all stone work in the past and it is a shame that nowadays this profession became not popular. Young people do not specialised to this profession because of heavy work and a lot of time that is needed to reach such perfection.





One of reason of visiting this place was to collect beautiful photos so that I can do some motifs later. Luckily @myskye made many different views and angles. The water was calm in haven therefore there was perfect reflection. It is difficult to imagine that the reflections can be mirror clean and smooth, just a bit of ripples running from the occasional movement caused by wind, birds or fishermen who are working on their boats making them ready for spring.

Hope you will join me for the next tour in the haven. be continued...


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I love this landscape. Old buildings, boats and trees waiting for spring. It's a great mood!

Thank you @daybook for visiting my little fishermen village, of course these pictures became very successful, we are happy with both having our nice walk and also with such great views :)

 3 months ago 

Si me preguntas antes estos creadores de estas bellezas eran unos verdaderos arquitectos incansables en su trabajo, mi padre decía que eran unos monstruos haciendo cada obra, sin duda cada viaje transmite momentos nostálgicos que serán para el baúl de los recuerdos.

Espléndidas tomas .


Yes, agree with you, the old masters often given their skills and secrets to their children and they to their, so it was a long family history of famous stone mason. But nowadays people think that this is enough to study few years and they are professional. Often we forget about dedication and love to what we are creating and that we see less and les today.

Thank you for your lovely comments :)

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