Engagement and the new photo session.

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Hello my dear Steemians,




My post today has two parts, the first just my thoughts about blogging and engagement.

The second part is the new photo session of my hubby @myskye.




With this post wanted to reply to @pixelfan’s post about the huge cruise ship that is passing through the city and that is in Antwerp in Belgium. First I thought that there is a channel but it is in reality river Scheldt. Actually learnt a lot and looking at that wonderful photo that can raise two different emotions:

  • Either, we are jealous because also want to live there and see this show, or
  • We feel sorry about the people who suffer from normal traffic on one hand and such huge traffic on other hand


As to me, I find it interesting and this is something to discover later on when there is no lock down in Europe anymore.


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Engagement as a foundation of friendship


Why looking through the posts of different users, on and off I come across interesting people. Unfortunately, we are all very busy and do not really pay attention to the content. If there is an interesting photo, that stops us and makes us to read what is behind.

When I read posts I try to comment interesting one and actually discovered many very good bloggers, they are all different, with different interests, hobbies, living in different countries but they all have one in common they are very good and communicative if you drop the a comment and maybe start up communication.




We all enjoy if our posts receive attention and comments and also curious about what other people will think about our posts. On other hand we forgot that other people the same like us, also very keen have the attention. I remember saying to my son when he was little that he should treat the other kids the way like he wants to be treated himself. That simple rule sometimes we forget.

Just to draw your attention to following users, who are real bloggers in their hearts and always happy to answer the comments:


I am pretty sure there are many and many others, but with those users I have had chatted lately and I must say it is always a pleasure to have them as a company and I would like the others to discover these users for themselves.


Good luck!


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I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


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CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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When a person does something with the soul, it is always noticeable. He likes to take pictures and that's why all these pictures are amazing.

Thank you for mentioning my name, although I am not at all sociable, just your pictures and posts leave me a very pleasant impression and a positive response :-)

I like what you draw and write, and not all users will be able to say the same...

Когда человек что-то делает с душой это всегда заметно. Ему нравится фотографировать и потому все эти снимки потрясающие. Спасибо за упоминание моего имени, хотя я совсем не общительная, просто твои картины и посты оставляют у меня весьма приятное впечатление и положительный отклик :-)

Мне нравится то что ты рисуешь и пишешь и далеко не обо всех пользователях смогу сказать то же...

 14 days ago 

Привет @singa мне очень нравиться твоя компания, хотя не всегда естьвремя на ответ, но всегда и удавольствием читаю твои заметки. Я совершенно согласно как говориться как аукнется так и откликнется. Я стараюсь быть просто собой и немного поддержать людей вокруг меня :)

Thank you so much for your kind mention, dear Karly.

Yes, I always try to treat others as I would like to be perceived. Perhaps that is the key to the many comments under my posts. Admittedly, this is not always easy, because sometimes users have somewhat distorted expectations. Especially when your stake is bigger than theirs. Well, I try to always remain polite and I'm very happy that you manage to do that as well.

The photos by @myskye are really great. There snaps a very good photographers eye with the right eye for artistic values!

Liebe Grüße,

 14 days ago 

Absolutely, agree, that is the feature we have in common. I actually enjoy writing but not always time for that. That is why I enjoy my holiday, but again do not like to spend too much time at computer. On other hand I see only the way how to keep Steem at live is to engage others, new or old users. Especially if we decided to invest in Steem.

Stefan is getting better with his camera and learning a lot of new features too. So hope to share them on and off :)

Liebe Grüße,


I see only the way how to keep Steem at live is to engage others

Write this in big letters on a giant, bright poster and pin it to the front page where it will immediately catch everyone's eye!

Thank you for your great support, @stef1 :)

 11 days ago 

You are welcome, nice to have you around :)

Wow @stef1... That was a very heartfelt post and I am humbled by your words. I thank you for being there from the beginning with your support and encouragement. You told me not to be discouraged and put the time and effort in. I am glad I listened! Much respect and admiration dear friend.

 14 days ago 

Hi @alaeddin, I am very pleased to see you hear, I remember reading your "the Hermit" story and really was impressed with the quality of your writing. Such people like you have to communicate and open up yourself. That actually reminds me the writers because there are always some who can write great stories and no matter what you read you just love it. But we need to be able to know that those authors are existing. I was glad to be able to guide you and hope that you will find more interesting people around :)

Your husband’s photos are beautiful. They remind me of my wife’s work. We live along the shoreline of Lake Ontario (United States). Her skies look like his. I received a projector for my birthday. I cast her summer photos on the wall in winter and winter ones this summer.
Thank you for sharing!

P.S. I think @denmakrguy is a broken link.

 14 days ago 

Thank you for the tips about misspelling :)

I looked at the map Lake Ontario area looks gorgeous, There are many similarities in such landscape. I can understand what you mean, we love winter in summer and another way around. Although my hubby would be glad to swap that with Australia or New Zealand without any problem. He usually say that he does not need winter :)

@tipu curate


 14 days ago 

Thank you for Tip!

What incredible photos friend, transport me for a moment to that place. thank you for sharing your amazing work with us

 14 days ago 

Thank you for your feedback, and such lovely words to the photography :)

Now I'm blushing 🤭🤭🤭
You know what's funny... at first, when I saw @Stef1, I thought you were... a man 😂
Stef is often used here in Flemish Belgium for Stefan... Thank God I didn't use any typically boys in the mancave language 😉

Anyway, I checked your husband's feed but it appears he doesn't post a lot anymore. But the pictures are fantastic. I especially love the mood of the first ones... is it in Scotland?

 14 days ago 

I know what you mean, actually the account was created by my hubby Stefan, but slowly and surely I have taken over. So he created another one but due to @art-venture, he is mostly active as that account now. Actually when you mentioned that I immediately recalled another Stephan, the singer Stephan Eicher with his amazing video. I am attaching it:

Oh, yes...I know him...👍
Our favorite here, when the kids were younger and we used too sing all together in the car was:

Great memories, thanks for bringing them back 😘

 11 days ago 

Absolutely, the same with me, I love to sing but my hubby never does that is a great contrast. I was pretty sure that you also know and like Stephan Eicher :)

Its perfect ...

 14 days ago 

Thank you :)

extraordinary scenery that is very beautiful and amazing, and filled with snow, while in Indonesia it is summer, and good luck always friends in the beauty of photography, and I hope you are always healthy @stef1

 14 days ago 

Thank you for your lovely words. I can imagine how it is in hot countries, not to be familiar with something like our four seasons in Europe. But on other hand you have such beautiful nature and warm climate :)

thank you for encouraging me, I really like it and it's true what you say @stef1

the photos included in this post are beautiful

 11 days ago 

Thank you Stefano :)

hello @stef1 and thank you for your sharing those amazing photographs from your hubby, he really does the afterwork the way i like it. (it´s visible they´ve been tampered with... like most of mine) =) ...

but art is suppose to be fun. i only blog as an amateur & curius student. i love seeing that others are doing their photographs the ay they want and ignore the professionals. ... live & let live...

thank you verry much for the "shoutout" or "mention" in your post. i will be making sure to check out their blogs in due time.

i strongly agree with you, and i think one could put it this way. "in order to be heard, we should listen".

you are right, i feel the wanting to curate more thoroughly, read through and not skim through. it ahould be a relaxing part of the day. not "urgent" or done in a hurry, after all, it´s "social media".

i thank you for your time, curating and reading our posts, mine included.
you deserve my time and respect.

give your best to your husband, from the icy north!

have a wonderful day!


 11 days ago 

Hi @eythor-photo for this wonderful feedback. Actually photography is the hobby that my husband started since his young age, he had so many different cameras since but lately it seems he enjoying Macro and landscape. It is good for me, when I need a good picture he usually take care.

I find Curation very interesting, to find new people to chat and learn more about the countries, places, the lifestyle and sometimes even we see that there are many things we may have in common. I feel sorry when I see that good posts have received so little support because people may feel that nobody has an interest and may stop blogging. But the fact is, due to reward for posting, many skip low payout posts but there could be an interesting and maybe unique personality.

I hope you also finding it interesting discovering new people and blogs. You actually should share some photos about Iceland. I do not think many people had been in Iceland.

See you around, @stef1

hi @stef1

i have absoloutly fallen for the concept and atmosphere and opportunities both in gaining exposure for ones creations, and in gaining insight in to the diffrent cultures of the world.

i plan posts relatet to. "snow" or "snowy", then about the towns around eyjarfjordur, where i live. as well as a "mountains" and hopefully "northern lights".

i am so new too having even a good enough phone to make photos, that i havent gotten a good northern lights one yet. :)

also i need some more themes or i´ll maybe just make a post with "my faviorites".. i also looove macro and landscape, living in iceland ofcourse... the micros, i catch during the summers. (short summers. then i have 200.000 flower images too skim through over the winter).

i think now i am "chatting" not reply-ing to the thread, but i am "loading up" the SP since a little injury has made my girlfriend home-bound, i will also be spending my nights at home in the near future. wanting to give.

"quality - friendly - community - creative - new talent " based curation.

being the manic that i sometimes can be, i might even look into a "curation-account" or research this delegation thing further. (i am reading up and catching new info evry day).. =)

if i develop this idea further, (i dont know at this point) i might message you (i think it must be possible through steem, (will look into it). and seek guidance and support. =)

have a wonderful day, take care!


"Unfortunately, we are all very busy and do not really pay attention to the content. If there is an interesting photo, that stops us and makes us to read what is behind."

This is a very very true! Photos, art and graphs grab my attention faster than words. That's why I try to put at least one graph in my financial posts. I know that I would never look at it if it didn't have at least that, hehe. And the photos that @myskye took are amazing!

 11 days ago 

Hi @fijimermaid, thank you for taking time and writing to my post. I really enjoy the communication with you, remember first time I left a message under your post about 4 months ago but then it just went into interesting exchange of thoughts and opinions. It is sometimes so easy to learn people, just to start up communication that is something people hesitate to do.

My husband says that is something typical for women, that we just like to chat. Maybe but without that it would be too boring :)

Thank you for your compliment about the photography done by @myskye I also love htem very much :)

I also enjoy our exchanges. And I agree, in order to learn from people, you have to start up a conversation. My wife is better than I am about this. Actually, our neighbor’s mother recently passed away from a medical problem. When my wife and I were out walking, we ran into that neighbor and my wife asked if everything was okay and asked what his favorite memory was of his mother. Our neighbor said that his mother always had a smile on her face, she was a very happy person. I would never have asked this, because I would be afraid that questions like that would make somebody feel bad. But my wife is so genuinely concerned about people, when she asked it, it came out very thoughtful. She is definitely my better-half. And I would be half the man without her.

 10 days ago 

When we were children we could start up conversation and ask weird questions any kid or adult, because we wanted to know. Have you noticed that sometimes even those adults who grumpy towards other adults could be open and chatty with kids.

It is a shame that with getting older we lose that feature of our character and think what other or others would think about our behavior.

I am glad that you have such wife, it is sometimes two halves make one whole :)

Wow, that's a great observation. I do remember that as a kid. Kids are naturally inquisitive and not worried about immediate judgment. A very good quality that we should carry into adulthood.

Those are some truly stunning photos @stef1! When I see these, I realize that one of the things I do miss here in the US is how ancient many things back in Europe really are....

As for *engagement, * first off thank you for the shoutout! You know where I stand on this: Engagement matters and engagement is what builds communities. At least authentic communities. Getting a few dollars in rewards is nice but it wears old after a while, absent actual friends and human beings to interact with. And yes, I realize that might not be true for some of our friends in developing nations where the rewards are a significant part of someone's monthly income.

Although I know most people on your list, I'll definitely check out a few I did not know before!

 11 days ago 

I hear it very often that people from US or Australia and New Zealand often say that they really miss Europe. It is very interesting but I think for me I can't compare because I had not been so far. I believe the history and architecture as well as the fact that all those buildings are witnesses of so many events and battles that just make me feel so tiny and so unimportant to learn that despite of so many years the history is in those stones and ruins.

I love Europe too but would not be against to live in some warmer place too.

I hope you can discover some new names and people like me :)


Amazing content and support always!

ALL THE BEST!! ...see you soon.

 10 days ago 

A very interesting color scheme for snow and clouds. It looks like a painting!
You can make a typographic album or calendar.
Thank you for the kind words addressed to me, I am glad to be your interlocutor :)

 9 days ago 

a lovely wintertime seaside landscapes; all of them look cool - #3 and 4 were my faves.
ps. I guess everyone loves to receive comments on his posts - blogging is feeding from that :D

 5 days ago 

lovely post! <3