Beautiful view from where I live

Feeling happy and bless

Today I am just feeling happy and blessed. I am also feeling inspired and pumped to go. As I was walking to get some fresh air I walked once again by this amazing place and I can never get enough of the view and the way the trees create around the view of London in the far. I simply adore this view and I am very happy to be able to see it on the daily basis.


Also yesterday was not a bad day for me as a photographer, as an artist and as a content creator since I got quite a lot of my works collected.

Even got a higher ticket one collected, that was in the market for a year now. I have not made any crazy amount of money, since my works are on the market for a lower price still, but the feeling of having people loving your work enough to spend their money, no matter how little it is, on a piece you have created it is just the best feeling ever.

Don't you just love the view on the first photo?

This piece I bought is gorgeous
Since I had some money from my sales I obviously wanted to support other photographers. Couldn't spend it all since I am still struggling with getting money to pay my own bills, but found out this piece for a very reasonable price and I had to have it on my collection. What do you think of it?


I thought that the photo has a vintage processing. Very good shot

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