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Hi Art Lovers, I love the cat alphabet and such original ideas. I've been teaching cat-loving kids to draw since I first saw this alphabet online. It is also interesting that it looks like a different alphabet. Let's look at the cat alphabet in more detail, then ;)


Those who follow my posts know well that I am a cat lover. Now, in honor of my love for cats, I'm going to show a fun technique :))


As a cat lover, I really enjoyed this work :) I'm not going to show drawing of the letters one by one because all you need is the figure I've shown below, the silhouette of the cat's head. We always use the same shape and place it in the appropriate place of the letter, that's all.


Now I've colored them with a red pen to show where this cat's head is in the letters. I took some close-up pictures for you. If there are different letters in your alphabet, you can show your creativity by drawing them :))



The Cat alphabet post is not complete without a cat photo. We are happy to introduce you to the cat alphabet with this cute cat in my lap :D Let's color the alphabet with these cute-headed cats :)



If you try this drawing, feel free to mention it in the comments ;) If you mention it in your post, I'm sure it will make a nice section especially for your diary :)

Thank you for visiting my post 💜

 3 months ago 

wonderful this would make many children excited to read and have fun, I love each of the images 🙀

what a beautiful pet looks like a stuffed animal

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