Turning Your Weakness Into Your Strength

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Every human has their areas of strength but they also have specific areas where their weakness lies. For example, you may be someone that talks a lot and you may see it as weakness. But I tell you, a lot of people would "give an eye" to have that kind of talent. Instead of saying irrelevances, you can even convert it to something useful, like being a narrator, broadcaster, talk presenter, etc, and then make money from it. The truth is that there is no weakness that cannot be converted to strength but you need to take the responsibility of working it out and then putting in the required efforts.


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While growing up, in my primary school days, I had a classmate then who was easily distracted in class. Each time the teacher will be teaching, his attention will be drawn to artworks. At some points, he would be drawing the teacher instead of listening to what he is teaching. Because of this, his performance was affected negatively and he was always at the bottom of the class. Then a day came when one of the school's counsellors noticed him and his incredible abilities that other saw as weakness. He then gave him some pieces of advice on how to go about his talent.

He was enrolled into an art school after his primary education. He sharpened his art skills and got even better. What others saw as weakness and a distraction, he converted it to treasure. He worked extensively on what he love to do and by doing so, he built himself and developed capacity. At the moment, he owns one of the biggest art galleries in his state. On the door to his office, he put this inscription:

You can turn your thrash into treasure.

These words hold a very deep truth and I believe that what people may call "thrash," if it will be worked on, it can be converted into treasure. I have a friend that, when we were growing up, people saw him as an "unserious" person because of how he jokes about and his over-comical nature. He would joke over everything and anything, and as a such, people did not take him serious. However, he decided to turn his comical nature into his strength and developed himself. He went into the comedy industry. He started from little birthday MC, then started doing event coverages, wedding hosts, etc. Now he is a very renowned, nationally recognized and celebrated comedian who has won many awards.

No matter what your weakness is, if you look beyond it, you will see that there are positive sides to it. You can work on the positive side of the weakness to become the dominant side and you will see that there is actually strength in your weakness. However, one should understand that in order to be able to turn your weakness into strength, you must first recognise and identify your area of weakness. If you do not know your weakness, then you will not know how to convert it to strength.

The honest truth that you can say is the one you tell yourself. So you have to first come to terms with your weakness so that it will not further weaken you. When you have the knowledge of a problem, then you will know how to go about solving it, but if you try to deny the obvious problem, it will keep multiplying until it becomes monstrous. Then after you have acknowledged your weakness, then you need to ask yourself what normally prompts the weakness and how it has affected you.

When you have gotten your answers, then you need to look beyond the negative aspects of the weakness and focus on how you can use it to your advantage. The story of Nick Vujicic exemplifies this. He was born without the limbs and instead of bowing down his heads and continuously sulking over his disabilities and weakness, he used it to his advantage and became a world-renowned motivational speaker to restore hope to people. His message of hope has also given him, not just hope, but fame, recognition, etc. Surprisingly, even some places that people with complete body have not entered, he has entered. If he could, then nothing stops you from also converting your own weakness to strength.

Watch this Nick Vujicic's motivational video

Video from TEDx

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