A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words – I am a Valkyrie.

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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words – I am a Valkyrie.

Hello, you're fine, you're scared.

What's your name? I have come to save you from your fears and I am going to strip you of every insecurity, every negative aspect, everything is in your mind.

And I have come to help you, you don't understand anything! I have heard passing and seeing you the gods have told me to protect you until you are fully safe

You know my gods, no! It's better that way; Would you rather me tell you something about myself?

I am a Viking Warrior, I stand out for my courage and my ability as a warrior, I was a squire and I fought against the most courageous, I make my own weapons with a stag crow.

Such was my bravery, that it became a legend, and it says that I am a mythical Valkyrie

You know the Valkyries, you know something about the Valkyries, the Valkyries are women who serve the god Odin.

Choosing those warriors fallen during the battle leading them to Valhalla, a Viking pass.

Valkyries are necessary because the god Odin needs warriors to fight alongside him in the battle at the end of the world.

You want me to tell you my story, it will inspire you, and if you want another day I can tell you more about the Vikings.

Whenever you can't rest, come see me, I'll be here to help you and protect you!

You see, as I was telling you, I managed to impress everyone with my ability, but it was Ragna when he saw me fight on the battlefield, he was stunned, so much that he wanted to conquer me, I don't know I made it easy for him, he had to pass a test to to be able to ask me for marriage.

So I put a huge bear and a gigantic dog guarding my door so Ragna couldn't get through, but he was very stubborn, but very stubborn, so I married him, even though our marriage lasts very little.

He made his life but we always had a special affection for each other, it was a precious connection, after that I returned to my homeland, but when the war broke out, I returned from distant lands to command a fleet to help Ragna.

I surrounded the enemy from the rear when things were worst, but it was then when flanking one of those lines one of Ragna's sons fell wounded, then I returned to Norway where I finished off my husband and usurped his name and sovereignty.

I would like to tell you more, but you need to follow this safe path, that will take you to your destination as I once took mine.

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