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Credit to @xpilar

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Dear Steemian...
Today I saw the digital work that @xpilar has created. If you want to see the work please click and read here
When I saw it, I immediately thought various thoughts. One of them is a concept that makes it a story. He uses the digital work as a means to create a competition.
Oh before i foget to say to all Steemian friends...
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Submarine Mining Structure Renovation

Berita keberhasilan sebuah tim penambangan logam mulia di dasar Laut Steemita telah mengundang banyak migrasi penambang. Merka datang berbondong-bondong ke Laut Steemita. Mereka menggunakan segala upaya untuk meThe news of the success of a precious metal mining team at the bottom of the Steemit Sea has invited many miners to migrate. They came in droves to the Steemit Sea. They use every effort to get precious metals that are increasingly popular in the market so that their value increases.

Various equipments are used by miners from different countries. They think more about bringing home precious metals and selling them in the market so that they will increase their wealth.
the more people who come the more the success of the miners in the Steemita Sea spreads so that a large-scale migration cannot be avoided.

Due to the large migration, it is increasingly difficult to manage mining. If in the early days people could choose a mining area and it was easy to think about how to recover, then after there were more miners it became more difficult to control them. They come and mine and then go home without making any repairs to the mine site. It is very unfortunate that the miners then ignore the preservation of the environment.

As a result of mining that does not think about parties and only follows greed, the mining site is damaged. Many miners even leave large holes and toxic residues that threaten the ecosystem. Many tools that have been trashed left just like that. Pollution happens everywhere. Various materials used are not environmentally friendly, making the ecosystem decline drastically.

Realizing this situation, a group of senior miners in the community who are concerned about environmental conservation took immediate action. They are members of WOXE. WOXE stands for World Of Xenium Environment. Maybe rarely people hear the word Xenium. Xenium comes from the Greek Roman culture which means a gift to kings, guests, or ambassadors which is usually in the form of food.

WOXE is led by pioneering miners in the Steemit Sea. Among the prominent figures is @xpilar. As a mining pioneer in the Steemita Sea, he realizes the need to restore the ecosystem so that it can become a better mining area in the future.
@xpilar who actually wants to retire and prefers to be an advisor to everyone consulted feels called. At that time he was already at the foot of Mount Galdhopiggen whose peak reached 2 469 meters above sea level. With a family that is already established, he wants to enjoy his old age in a clean and pollution-free environment.

However, when he received information that Steemit's sea was filled with pollutants, he felt the need to "go down the mountain" again. he did not want the Steemita Sea which had given many benefits to be destroyed just like that.
Immediately he contacted old friends such as @sultan-aceh from Indonesia, @adeljose from Venezuela, and several friends who he knew had a high dedication in preserving the environment in the Steemita Sea. He wants to form a Steering Committee to carry out a project to save the Steemita Sea.
After holding a meeting via teleconference, it was agreed to contact all miners who have concern for the Steemita Sea. They agreed to immediately rebuild the structure and construction as an early warning alarm for all miners.
Many pillars were built at the bottom of the Steemit Sea. Various constructive suggestions were received by WOXE members. @axeman provides an overview of the landscape so that it can be obtained the right position to build. The right location will facilitate the construction and operation in the future. @stef1 provides valuable advice when it comes to creating a three-dimensional design. @bambuka suggested that development use organic materials. This material is only found in tropical areas such as Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are many types of wood which, when submerged in seawater, do not rot, they become stronger. There is even a suggestion from @denmarkguy which warns that rebuilding does not use toxic materials so as not to damage marine organisms. The use of modern technology to keep every miner detectable for his mining activity was proposed by @samminator and @mrchef111. With this technology, it can provide early detection if there are miners who commit fraud and damage will be immediately warned. @art-venture suggested that the form of construction still pays attention to high aesthetics.
When I was about to start the renovation, it turned out that there were still many people who supported it. Contributions of thoughts, funds, suggestions, energy, and everything needed are quickly collected. they can even make people aware to return to preserving sustainability. They are aware that sustainability is a guarantee for environmentally friendly miners in the future.
Construction development is also accompanied by efforts to suck up hazardous waste. They succeeded in removing the waste that became a pollutant and neutralized it so that it could be returned to its origin. Waste that allows recycling is also carried out. This recycling provides results that can be used in construction.
After the renovation of the mining structure in the Steemita Sea was completed, they decided to make a selection for prospective miners. This is done by providing conditions for miners to contribute to environmental conservation. If they violate the rules, they will be fined until they are expelled and are not allowed to do mining.
Since then the Steemita Sea has become an environmentally friendly mining site and continues to produce precious metals that are very valuable.

This post 100% Power Up and donating 20% ​​to @wox-helpfund as an effort to help the humanitarian movement
Best regard from Indonesia

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