The Beautiful lady


Hello steemians, great members of #worldofxpilar, and talented artist...
I want to show you most of my charcoal pencil drawings and the steps I took before I finished my portrait....

Tittle: The Beautiful lady
Size: 12×15
Duration 6hours

Firstly beauty means possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see,hear or think about etc...

I used some of the materials below for my pencil work ..


Charcoal pencil
Hb pencil
Kneadable eraser
Alabaster paper

This are the steps I took before I arrived at the final stage...

First, I used HB to grid my lines...

Whenever I start shading ,am so cautious and careful so I can avoid a dirty work..
I start working with her eyes and then I move down to her nose..


During this stage I was done with her clothes already.....


Then I moved on to her hair tie... And I used my charcoal pencil to shade it and I made it thick cause her hair tie was dark and thick...


Done and awaiting delivery...

Special thanks to @stef1 @axemen @artventure for all their to artists..
Much respect to @xpilar @steemalive @worldofxpilar @whitestallion

 2 months ago 

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