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Hello friends
I will take great pleasure in participating in the theme contest:

Here I will share with you a wonderful experience in the foothills of the Rhodopes in Bulgaria .How we experienced an amazing adventure filled with all kinds of emotions . A magnificent panoramic view and the landscapes of the great little Bulgaria . I include myself here there in the pictures as well as you will see.


This adventure came true on my birthday which was on October 6th I decided to fulfill another dream and visit a destination I had set for myself 5 years ago and had no idea it would come true. Well it happened...
The place is called EAGLE'S EYE and is a collection of beautiful panoramic views that rise above the village of Yagodina. A lovely little village nestled between the big green mountains. The road there was not very nice but still our spirit was not broken. We started celebrating in the evening and in the morning when we had to hike 10 km up the mountain we didn't feel like laughing ha ha
So we arrived past many curves and many difficulties on the way to the small village of Yagodina then we looked for a trail for tourists but found only jeeps to take us straight to the place which was the goal of everyone. But we decided to be brave and climb to the top ourselves. As hard as it was we did it and beat ourselves up that day.


A beautiful autumn setting the weather was on our side although it was giving rainy we did not hesitate to climb to our much awaited goal . Here are some pictures of the little goat paths along the way . The route was a combination of quite steep hills and small narrow trails . We stopped quite a few times to rest and drink water . We didn't even have breakfast this morning and I decided to eat from nature . Blueberries strawberries when I think about it nature had a lot to give me to satiate my hunger and it even motivated me to get to the top . Well I managed ...
It was amazing


Here's a picture of me .. Me and the whole Universe
How good I feel once I achieve a goal like this that I set out to accomplish. How full of life and how motivated for new experiences . It makes me feel alive. For these landscapes I live . A unique feeling of love comes over me as soon as I lift my head off the ground and just look around me . I realize how rich I am actually seeing all of this . The freedom to be able to see and smell the mountains and cones . To feel the wind gently caressing my cheeks and whispering to you to succeed...


I have to admit it was blowing a bit more than usual but that didn't stop me even for a little while. Well the view was worth the effort we made to get to the top. As a matter of fact we were the only ones who climbed on foot .All the tourists who were there with us came only by cars . The real thrill in my opinion is to achieve it yourself . It makes me feel so satisfied and fulfilled to conquer peaks . To climb the highest mountains and nothing can stop me. This is how you build character.


On the way we found a little friend who was quietly eating next to us. Wow what a beautiful butterfly this amazingly beautiful caterpillar would have become. She greeted us kindly and we decided to leave her alone. Although I was tempted to photograph so many little creatures on the mountain along the way. But I decided to bother only this cute little animal.


For the first time I met such an interesting caterpillar and I photographed it with interest . If any of you understand these cute little creatures can you let me know which species it is ?
Thank you .
The scenery and the surroundings this mountain offered us were incomparable. The spirit I felt beating in my chest to stop at nothing and climb was just unique . And when I climbed up I fell into a mental pleasure of what I witnessed . The thrill that keeps the pulse so wild . Sometimes I think I was born somewhere in nature and my parents stole me from the wild animals ha ha
I always want to be out in the wild in the quiet of nature . I always feel out of place out there in the woods in the mountains under a waterfall . To draw inspiration from what God we given . Nature


Do you love nature? I take advantage of my free time whenever I can be out there somewhere in the fields and forests . To be free from all these technologies that surround us now in the 21st century . I love to feel free to breathe the fresh air of the mountains and enjoy the song of the nightingale in the forest.


Well I hope you have touched my soul as I touch the mountain once I touch the soft grass . And feel the life and love for us her children. Life is an adventure for me in which I do not stop to set new goals to realize to conquer new heights and no matter how high they are to make me stronger and braver. To meet a bear and not to run away I hope .. ha ha
Thank you for taking the time to appreciate what I photograph and write for you . I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you many adventurous days.

Yours sincerely Samodivata


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Great and interesting post!
Soon this caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly, then it will be possible to more accurately find out who you met))

Thanks you

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You are welcome 🖐️ 😊

Really beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

Thanks you

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