From glorious to decay...and back.

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Another building that has been through a lot over time. This is the "Harmonie building". It was built in 1846 by a private consortium but then, in 1923, bought by the city of Antwerp. The city turned the building and the surrounding park into a public city park.
The photo on top dates from that period...

The building continued to serve as an event hall for decades, I myself went to various parties and student parties in my younger years. But at one point the building fell into disrepair and stood empty for many years, even though it was a protected monument.
The middle photo is from that period...

But then, in 2017, major renovation work was started. I suppose the city had found a jar of money somewhere 😉 And today the building looks like the bottom picture. Completely restored to all its glory.
It is now used by the city services (that's why it probably had to be beautiful 😉) and event hall. I just didn't know about events that were held there. It's probably for a select audience 🤪

Anyway, it's funny that I have a photo for every period. Of course I didn't take the top one myself, but I did take the other 2. And I had the most fun with the middle photo. The color splashing of all that street art has kept me busy for a while...

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