Rhett Butler (Clark Gable ) - drawing

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Have you ever watched "Gone with the Wind"?

Maybe you will someday.
Spoiler alert
there is no CGI in this movie at all.
Ang it's really long.



I hope you will visit my page and support me with all love and affection, and I will be grateful for that. Greetings

Fabulous work as always. 👍

 last month 

I think I saw that movie being a child, the firsts time I went to a cinema with my older sisters. I don't remember too much. But Clark Gable is iconic, I think you achieved a great portrait of him!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!

You are a great artist!! Take a look at this contest managed by @axeman and @worldofxpilar! I can see you've been publishing in that great community, but I don't know if you have participated.

I think you can win it!!

You are excellent!! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! And Thanks for the contest tip, I'll definitely look it up.

Great!! I truly think you can win!!

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