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Assalamu Alaikum to All,
First thanks to my friend Shiraz, he advise me to add some more text content on my blog to engage more users. (Thanks for the advice)

It is heavy rain in my city and it will go for more couple of days, it is good for people here because there were very hot days and rain will definitely change the weather.

I am sharing my hand drawing of simple Design, draw a flower in the center of the moon and stars.


Below are the images of my drawing steps
Start with a pencil


Darken my pencil by using pen


Add stars and other curve lines


Start colouring



Thank you

 last year 

Hello very beautiful your drawing, good that you decided to follow that advice, it is always better to add something to the image, something that tells us why you created it or what it means to you. Greetings and thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you

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