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As promised, i am going back to my drawings and coloring them one by one. This one i shared about 7 days ago. Now i painted it in photoshop.
I found that its more fun to paint in photoshop rather than clip studio paint.
I am not very happy with the skin color though. I am struggling to add lighter skin color because the background is a white page which is also light.
I am gonna have to find a way around that to paint lighter skin tones.

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 64.png

Screenshot 65.png
Screenshot 66.png
Screenshot 67.png
Screenshot 68.png

Reference image of this drawing.

 2 months ago 

I think is a nice blend between the pencil and the digital colors! Great expression of the character!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!

thank you....

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