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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope my brothers and sisters who see this post are always given health, amen. Ok, today I am posting the types of wasps that exist in the forests of North Aceh, and the types of wasps that I will share are the dark stone wasps. This dark stone wasp is a very rare wasp and its size is very small compared to the type of wasp I've ever found and the color is amazingly good, the movement of this dark stone wasp is very aggressive and for this dark stone wasp, patience is really tested when taking macro photos because of its movement .
This dark stone wasp can be said to be very important for the ecosystem in Aceh. I am very happy to be able to find a dark stone wasp in the forest of North Aceh.
Maybe this is just a short story that I can explain about how I found the dark stone wasp in the forest in aceh, I hope you like this photo of the dark stone wasp.

I took a photo of the dark stone wasp when I was in the aceh forest for me to post in the xpilar community world, a large community, I can channel my macro photography hobby through the xpilar community world, and in the local community @aceh - our team is both looking for macro photos various objects, the results are every day tropical aceh, it's an honor to be able to join the world's great xpilar community, thanks to the moderator @sultan-aceh who has been my mentor all this time, and also to @xpilar who is the world leader of the xpilar community.

How about the macro photo of the dark stone wasp I took, out of curiosity? Let's see the photo below.










that's all from me today, thanks to my mentor @sultan-aceh and friends in the world of xpilar community who have guided and supported me all this time, I will study better in the future, see you next time.

Best regards from me @Master-Lizard.



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