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The World of XPILAR - Daily Photo

Scenes from Flores Island

Flores is filled up with beautiful landscapes and very delicate nature and and Fajã Grande is one of the best spots.


This is one of the most remote villages in the amazing archipelago of Azores. It has got everything: waterfalls, sunsets, beaches, natural pools and the outstanding green always present.


A great place to explore...


I am sharing photos of landscapes, moments and experiences. Nature and sea are the most visited themes in my photo collection, but any attention-grabbing aspect can be photographed. Hope you enjoy it...Location: Fajã Grande - Lajes das Flores - Flores Island - Azores




so beautiful - is that waterfall in the back?

stone details in old buildings - every stone has its place - craftmanship
window details are beautiful - with larger stones used for frame and lintel

nice photos

yes....the waterfall is in the back.....one of many!!! thanks for stopping by :) I appreciate it :) Cheers :)

 2 months ago 

Beautiful area, can imagine that people go for hiking in summer and having picnic there :)

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it´s a amazing place for relaxing and hiking (off course).....thanks for stopping by :) I really appreciate it :) Cheers :)

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