Sleigh ride on #btc path ... where next?

in WORLD OF XPILAR3 months ago


Ooops ...

And, here we've started the sleigh ride of #btc like i've said ...

Now, let me know what do you think ... Where will be next stop? To 25K or bellow ?

Some rumours i've heard saying bellow 10 K ... Oops ... I am already enjoying this silly #crypto world ...

Up and down and moving all around :))))))

Are you not bored already?

Maybe the true ones with steel nerves are those who are just #blogging inside a platform like this one, enjoying their lives, and from time to time, earning some little #steem and #tron ...


Actually this is almost a relaxation, don't you think?

Just typing some thousands of letters and waiting for a miracle to happen' and maybe your blog will be seen by some #whales ...

Interesting times, and i think we just need to remain calm ... for a few seconds :))))))))

Maybe by the time btc will hit 100K an will have a harder correction 'till 60K that will be like a spray with some exotic flavors compared to future corrections. This one was interesting, and i remember when some person got a little bit confused when i've wrote something related to the fact no matter how many persons will get involved in investing into this silly crypto market, they wil never be mre effective than the bots and the AI, hired to liquidate their investments, like it happened to all those who were like the musketeers and have thought that the trading margins protocols will be on their side ...

Hope you all are safe and you won't put your soul, dreams, creativity in the hands of something illusoric ...

Ooops, what have i've just said??? :)))

Ciao a tutti!

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