B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #28 - Flowers on top of the fossil

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Hello dear Community of Steemit, on this occasion, I wanted to participate in a contest that has caught my attention. It is about publishing black and white photos, in my experience, they are intense images, which can denote strength, hardness and in a certain way fear and mixed feelings from past times.

My entry, is part of a detail that is in the central table of the hall, a fossilized quartz rock in the form of pencil, on a rug crocheted and over these elements, some trinitarian flowers full of an intense red color whose yellow center, filled with light and candour to the scene, have been transformed into a beautiful photographic compound two-color, full of shades and gray tones, delimiting forms in a beautiful way.

I never thought that a black and white image could look so beautiful, full of mystery because of a past that has just happened. The photograph was originally taken with my Huawei Y9 cell phone camera

I invite you to participate in this experience organized by @axeman with the support of the @steemingcurators project and the @xpilar community.

Autor: @leticiapereira
Camera: Huawei Y9
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