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Flower name-Peruvian lily

Peruvian lily plants (Alstroemeria), also known as Lily of the Incas, are striking late spring or early summer, half-hardy perennial bloomers that are available in a myriad of colors including pink, white, orange, purple, red, yellow and salmon. It grows from rhizomes. The blooms lasts for a long time.

Growing conditions-

Pot- The pot should be preferably big so to accommodate a large no. of rhizomes. This will provide a wonderful look when the flowers bloom in bunches.

Soil-Should be well-draining to prevent rotting of rhizomes but should remain moist. Soil should consist of a mixture of sand, garden soil, coco-peat and compost.

Water-In Summer, water 3-4 times per week and the next watering should be done whenever the top 1-2 inches layer of soil seem dry.

Sunlight- The plant blooms the maximum in the presence of direct sunlight. Keep the plant outside in a spot accordingly during Summer season.

Fertilizer-A mixture of bone-meal, potash, super phosphate, DAP, etc. before the Blooming season starts should be applied per month as per the size of the plant for production of continuous flowers.





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